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Worse times of the day

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Does anyone find their pain worsens at certain times of the day? Unfortunately it’s currently most of the time but I’d say worse at evening / night time. Is this the same for anyone else?

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This is exactly the same for me - my pain is more intense in the evening/night than it is in the day, and almost feels a bit different (although I can't put my finger on what's different, if you know what I mean! 😂)

I do know what you mean! I can just about getting by in the day most of the time (using tens machine all the bloody time) but come evening it just intensifies. Nothing is comfortable and then the tears come. I’ve got quite a high pain threshold ordinarily but this is unreal.

I get a lot of my pain in the early afternoon or late morning, by night time it’s probably eased due to medication x

Can I ask what medication you’re on? All I’ve got at the moment is paracetamol and naproxen prescribed and it’s barely worth taking. They tried me on codeine but made me awful. And they’ve tried a low dose of amytriptiline (not sure of spelling!) but again no effect. Came off the mini pill because it was making me worse of anything.

Hi yes no bother, I take tramadol, it does make me feel very sick 🤕 but it helps the pain. I have naproxen too but it’s not strong enough x

Used to take naproxen for headaches and they really worked. They don’t seem to do anything for this!

My pain is worse as soon as I wake up, I put it down to meds wearing off and bowel movements/ wind. I had my 3rd lap in April, removal of endo on pelvic wall, bowel and Uterus and both tubes removed. I take Naproxen and Tramadol or codeine daily. Everyone is different but it's great to be able to advice from this forum. Good luck ladies x

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That’s what I’ve found too - being able to talk to others who know what it’s like. The adenomyosis website has helped me a lot too. Felt like I wasn’t going mad!

Hey, yea, my pain is worse in the evening. I put it down to moving around/physical exertion during the day

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I wondered about that too. Like it catches up with you as the day goes on. But to be honest it’s been that bad lately the evenings are agony.

Mines worse in the afternoon/evening too. I don't know if it's because of my main meal... Or because I have less things to try and distract myself.

Yes I have considered is it due to not having a distraction in the evening.

I really wanted to try and find an exercise to help me try and move some of this weight I’ve put on but can’t even walk that far at the moment without the pain intensifying. I’d not thought about my food in the evening adding to it. Thank you x

Yeah I've kind of given up on exercise as my hip area feels so sore and stiff and exercise just makes it feel so much worse. I've taken to heat packs and a heated throw (magic if you don't have one, thoroughly recommend) and I just wait it out.

Downsides is because I know it's linked to food, I don't eat often now as it makes the pain less...which isn't a great long term habit. I have cut gluten and dairy though and that's made a huge difference to the pain... I still get it, but I'm not caved over with it now...yet anyway haha

A heated throw? That sounds amazing! Do you have a link? I’ve read about the gluten and dairy…would you recommend that then?

Yes definitely more so in the evening, I tried to find a reason for this but couldn’t find anything.

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I try and find a reason for so much of it but sometimes there’s just nothing. Been a bit down this week because of the pain, just feels never ending. X

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