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Driving after laparoscopy and excision

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When can you drive again? I was discharged with literally zero post op advice or instructions…

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I waited until I felt a bit better - the first 5-6 days I was completely wiped out so didn't even consider leaving the house, let alone drive! Think I first drove on day 7/8 - by which time I felt much more 'normal'

Thank you for your reply lovely! I’m day 9 post op now and feel much better but still struggling with wearing trousers, the waistband I find makes my still swollen belly sore so might give it a bit longer as I think the seatbelt might do the same! X

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Hi x,

I hope you are recovering well from your surgery. Im so sorry to hear you haven't been given much post-op information!

We have a great information pack about surgery, with a section on what to do post-op (page 4):


We also have a helpline should you need to contact us with any other questions. Helpline: 0808 808 2227

It may be worth getting in contact with your GP or surgical team to ask more detail about post-op specifics such as driving.

I hope this information is of use to you, and i wish you a very speedy recovery! x

Thank you so much! This is really helpful x

Something to think about is whether you would be able to perform an emergency stop safely. All the best x

Hi. Same as me I had my lap on 24th September (2 weeks today) and was discharged with no information. I have only got dressed twice as my tummy hurts when I put trousers on. I have been in the car twice with my husband driving for short journeys and I was so uncomfortable so I am not even attempting to drive myself yet.

Thank you for your reply! I am the same regarding trousers, I managed to wear leggings today with a stretchy waistband but I still can’t do pj bottoms or trackie bottoms even! Nighties for 2 weeks solid - my legs are starting to get really cold! I went on my first car journey with someone else driving on Saturday and it made me feel really sick… so I’m still yet to drive myself. Tried a walk of 25 mins today and was in agony by the end and exhausted for the rest of the day. Getting there slowly! Wishing you a straightforward and good recovery lovely xxx

It's been over 2 weeks since my laparoscopy and I still feel uncomfortable and bloated most of the time. I am the same as you in nighties everyday. When I am on my feet too long my stomach really hurts. I feel much better in myself but just cant really do too much or I ache. I am glad you posted. Before my laparoscopy I read a lot about people's experiences and most seemed to bounce back. I didn't expect to still feel like this! It's good to hear others experiences are more like mine. Xx

Your experience sounds exactly the same as mine! I am 2 weeks post lap today and my stomach also feels bloated, swollen and uncomfortable too. I am the same, too long standing and the pain in my tummy is horrible. I’ve also been getting pain in my lower right lung for a couple of days which is weird but my mum who is a nurse keeps telling me that it’s just because everything is going back to where it needs to be and keeps reminding me im only 2 weeks post op! I expect too much from my body I think haha. Im also glad to hear from someone who’s experience is so similar to mine x

Thanks for your message. I was just shocked to not bounce back! I got little advice from the hospital so have been googling and reading posts on here. I spoke to my own gp end of last week as the sick note from hospital was running out and I was contemplating whether I should go back to work. Due to me being a carer and my shift patterns include 12 hour shifts my gp said no. I know I wouldn't be able to be on my feet for 12 hours. I struggle pottering round the house at moment. I am also struggling to sleep. I just cant get comfortable, my stomach hurts whatever position i lie in. Take care x


Until all the medic stuff has gone to right place within-in your system.

Do not attempt to drive your self- could do a little walking or just get a family

member to be with you.

You must take care of yourself and others- in all things = try little walkings exercises.

Please- take care of your-self

Hi! Thank you for your reply. I’m still yet to drive, I decided it wasn’t quite right yet. I went for a walk today of 25 minutes and was in agony by the end and have spent the rest of the day exhausted! Recovery gets harder at this stage because you feel more mobile and better and then suddenly your body is like ‘nope you’ve done too much!’ 😂 xxx

I started driving 2 weeks post lap. Definitely try sitting with somebody else driving first to see if you can manage that. I used a pillow to put on my tummy so that the seatbelt wouldn't feel too tight- that helped me feel more comfortable. Wishing you a smooth recovery!

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