Miscarriage and endo?

Hi, I am so lucky to have 1 little girl already and I cherish her every minute of the day. Myself and my husband would love another baby to keep her company and complete our family. Unfortunately after having my daughter I have never really been well and have had a lap and diathermy along with extensive treatments. I was given Decapeptyl injections x6 but i only had 1 as I didn't get on with it. I was lucky to fall pregnant straight away but unfortunately had a miscarriage. The hospital think I have just had another miscarriage. Has anyone had multiple miscarriages that are thought to be linked to Endo? Any tips to prevent miscarriage and have a successful pregnancy?

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  • Hi Amy - firstly, I am so sorry to hear that you have been having such an awful time.

    I was diagnosed in 1992 and told that I would never fall pregnant. I was devastated but my husband at the time refused to have any more tests done because it was obviously 'all my fault'.

    I moved in with my second husband in 1997 and within a month I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I went on to lose the baby, and then suffered a further 17 miscarriages before we decided enough was enough, and I never had a live birth. In that time we went all over the country looking for answers and three different specialists in recurrent miscarriage told me that I was 'borderline' for three different things, but there was nothing absolutely conclusive. They were however all in agreement that it wasn't the endo causing the problem.

    However - I recently read an article that really annoyingly I can't find for you now that said that new studies suggest that a chemical is secreted in women with endometriosis which effectively causes miscarriage.

    That being said, seeing as you already have your little girl, it doesn't seem likely that this would apply to you, and from what you've said, the miscarriages are more probably linked to the treatment you've been having. Not the treatment itself, but the fact that your body maybe hasn't had time to settle after all the 'messing about' it has had.

    Unfortunately, the standard for recurrent miscarriage investigation means that you usually have to have three before the doctors will start trying to find out why it's happening. On the plus side, as I said, you have your little girl which suggests that you are physically capable of carrying to term.

    But I know that it's horrible for you in the meantime, I wouldn't wish miscarriage on my worst enemy. Hopefully next time will be the one, but if it happens again they will start looking into why it's happening.

    Take care, and good luck xxx

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