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Urine retention

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Hi all,

I had surgery last Monday to remove endometriosis. I was kept in for four nights due to severe urine retention, I was unable to pass anything at all.

I was discharged with a catheter and have to go back on the 28th to see if I’m able to pass urine, if I’m not the catheter has to be put back for a couple more weeks.

Has anyone else had this happen to them, I know it’s common after surgery but usually after a couple of days it seems settles down from what I’ve been reading. This doesn’t seem to be the case for me.

I’ve already caught a kidney infection which I’m assuming the catheter has played a part in.

Slightly concerned this is going to be a longer recovery than I had first anticipated.

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Sorry I have no experience here but I just wanted to say I hope you get sorted soon sending lots of love xxxx

Thank you x

Hey lovely, I had to have a catheter after surgery too but mine was causing me some pain so I asked them to take it out as soon as they could. I had to pass a certain amount of urine before they’d let me go because I was still struggling to pass anything. I only needed the catheter for 1 night but it was still horrible so I really feel for you! I’m sorry I don’t have any advice for you but I hope you get better soon ❤️

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Char1291 in reply to ZiggyandBC

Thank you for your reply 😊This is the same with me it’s pretty painful, but I’m not sure if this is also part of the infection.

They took it out whilst I was in hospital but nothing was being passed. They took it out 4 times over the four days and nothing was happening. Hopefully things will be back in working order by the 28th x

Hi sorry to hear this. It happened after my surgery, and eventually it settled. Roll on years later and I have a catheter permanently due to damage with endometriosis at my bladder. If you want to chat I am here. Hopefully once things settle you will be able to void without it xx

So sorry to hear this. I haven’t been told where the endometriosis was removed from, he only said it was worse than expected. How long did you have the catheter in for post op ?

I’m worried this is going to be a long term issue x

Easier said than done but try not to worry. At the time I eventually pee a little after a good 12 hours. Roll forward many years with lot of urology issues I am now left with a catheter. Unfortunately it was allowed to get so bad. Just think of it just now as a temporary to help you recover. Hopefully this catheter will allow your bladder to recover. When they do the surgery everything is so close together, but also it’s sometimes happens after anaesthetic so don’t be quick to blame your gynae surgery. This was said to me the first time! Xx

This is true, thank you for all your advice. It’s greatly appreciated 😊

No worries! Here if you need anything xx

I had the same problem after my hysterectomy and I had a catheter in for 3 weeks. I got taken back into hospital because it caused a kidney infection. 4 years later I now self catherterise due to damage caused to my bladder by endo and surgery. I hope they get you sorted soon. Do you have a district nurse? If you do, try weeing in a full bath when they take it out, I know it sounds disgusting but it's what they advised me to do and it worked it also stops some of the pain xx

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Char1291 in reply to Hope698

Sorry to hear this. I have an appointment with the urology on the 28th, they will take it out there and see if I’m

able to pass anything.

My main concern is if they’ve damaged something during surgery.

I’m not sure where he removed any endometriosis from all I was told was that it was worse than they had thought.

I haven’t got a district nurse. I was discharged after 4 days still unable to pass anything and they’ve just told me to go back in two weeks.

I’m dreading it if they have to put it back in next week, as the last time it took over an hour and 5 different nurses to actually do it. So no wonder why I now have an infection.

I will take you advice up though with the bath, anything is worth trying x

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