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Anyone experience these and if so what helps!

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Hey, have you spoken with your GP about this? So they can send you for an ECG.

I find relaxation such as meditation and Autogenic Training works well. I think we resist what we don't like and this resistance can make the situation more upsetting. It's worth taking the time to observe the palpitations without judgement and without engaging with it. Hopefully with time it won't bother you.

Could also take magnesium glycinate which is very relaxing and could reduce it.

I had tachycardia while walking for a long time and was told its not life threatening but was happening because of the body's natural response to pain/the endometriosis.

Really important to get it checked out though, better safe then sorry x

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Bethleah in reply to TennisAM

Hi. Had it checked. Been waiting for 2 months for wearable 24he tracker to see what’s happening. I’m on the list but due to covid they aren’t using them

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TennisAM in reply to Bethleah

Hope you get it soon.

Hi yes I’ve had palpitations for years , never knew what the cause was had every test to check & heart always seemed fine

I think it’s a symptom of endometriosis

To help I limit caffeine, sugar & alcohol, I find lack of sleep made them worse too.

Deep breathes when your having an episode too.

Hope you feel better soon x

This is interesting I've had this on and off for years never knew they were connected could make a lot of sense

Yes I’m thinking it’s related because everything else came up fine , I think with endometriosis our bodies get tired always fighting the inflammation which then cause fatigue & heart palpitations are a symptom of that , that’s how I’ve connected them anyway from research & when I had a post on here about them a lot of other people also suffer palpitations x

Yeah sounds spot on x

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