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Diagnostic laparoscopy

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Hi I’m having a diagnostic laparoscopy on Tuesday I’m terrified what I’m going to feel like after do you get bad pain ? Is it uncomfortable to move? I hate needles too so the first bits going to be hard

Just need some advice of anyone could answer my questions I would be very greatful

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Hi lovely, I was terrified too but honestly it isn’t as bad as I imagined! I had mine a week ago today.

I was last on the list so I was waiting around for about 7 hours so definitely bring something to keep you entertained! I had to have a blood test done but it was over with really quickly! Apart from the blood test I didn’t have any other tests done but I got to speak to the doctor who was doing my op to ask any questions.

When it was my turn a nurse came and walked me to a side room where the anaesthetist was and other nurses. They were all lovely and they’ll keep you chatting so you don’t get too worried. I laid on the bed and was given some painkillers through a mask that made me really dizzy. They put the cannula in my hand but because I was already dizzy it didn’t hurt (I was dreading the cannula bit but honestly it’s absolutely fine!) I had the mask over my face and I was told I’d be asleep in 30 seconds.

I woke up and the pain wasn’t too bad, the nurses were quick to make sure I was okay and topped up my pain relief so I was comfortable. I had some pain in my shoulder from the gas but it wasn’t too bad, try and move your arm as this will help the pain. For the first few days it hurt to get up and down but it’ll get easier and easier.

Try not to worry too much, you’re in good hands and the nurses will look after you! Xxxx

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Ballet22 in reply to ZiggyandBC

Thankyou so much that’s really reassuring xxx

Hello. I had a lap in 2017 and can honestly say I don’t remember any pain from the surgery or incision sites at all other than the gas in my shoulders and having my first wee after the surgery. I have recently been advised I need another and could not be more excited at the prospect of the relief in pain it should hopefully give……the pain from the lap was nothing like the pain from endo, so you can do this! X

Thankyou :) x

Had my first lap a few weeks ago now and can say as someone that was very anxious about it, it was much better than I imagined! I waited quite a while to go down to surgery so would recommend taking something to do whilst waiting. I took a book and if you have a tablet or something to watch a favourite show I'd recommend it.

The nurses were all really lovely. I had a pre-op a few days before with a quick blood test, blood pressure and covid test. Then on the day I only had to do a pregnancy test when I first arrived.

My surgeon came and went through everything whilst I was waiting, Then later when it was my turn the anesthetist and nurse came to take me down and talked through everything again. They all talked to me a lot and asked questions about my hobbies etc as they were putting the cannula in my arm and an oxygen mask on and then I fell alseep (which was very quick).

I'd read on here other people saying how they woke up after the surgery and didnt even realise it had happened (and I had doubted them) but that heppend to me too! I woke up in the recovery ward with a lovely nurse sitting with me that checked my pain levels and gave me pain killers through the cannula I had in your arm. Once they were happy I was comfortable I got sent back to the room/ward to recover for a few hours where they monitor you.

I'd recommend having a blanket or pillow in the car for the journey home to put between you and the seatbelt as your tummy will be a bit sore. I also had some light bleeding after so was given a pad at the hospital. If you normally use tampons/a cup then maybe pick up some pads incase you need them for the first few days.

The most pain I had after leaving the hospital was the gas pain in my shoulders and back but peppermint tea really helped with that and I'd really recommend getting some for your recovery! I had a fair bit of bloating too as I had a fair amount of endo removed but that got less and less each day. I know everyone recovers at a different pace but for me I took it pretty easy for the first week but got better each day and just getting up and walking around the house helped a lot. I'm two and a half weeks on now and feeling really good. Healing up well and have got most of my energy back. I'm very glad I opted for a lap and grateful to all the lovely nurses and my consultant.

Wishing you lots of luck with yours and a speedy recovery! And also congrats for making it to this point too - it can be scary but know you will be in good hands and another big step in your health journey :) xxx

Thankyou xxx :)

I'm going for my lap the week after yours and feel exactly the same, just feel so nervous and overthinking every scenario. It is only natural to feel anxious beforehand but reading about other people's tips and experiences has really helped me. I wish you all the very best for your surgery and recovery - we can do this! Xxx

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Ballet22 in reply to Bake2

Thankyou :) yes it really does help, good luck with yours yes we can do this! Xxx

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Bake2 in reply to Ballet22

All the very best for your surgery tomorrow. I know you will probably be feeling anxious. I feel for you as I'm feeling the same at the moment and can't stop thinking about it all the time. I'm having a large cyst removed then excision surgery if they find any endo but I'm so keen to get a diagnosis after waiting so long. I think the waiting is the worst and just want it over with! You are nearly there and once it is done you will feel so relieved and proud of yourself. You will also have a definitive diagnosis too. Keep strong and I'm sure the nurses will take really good care of you. All the best for your recovery too 🥰 Xx

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Ballet22 in reply to Bake2

Thankyou so much yes I’m very very anxious but like you said when it’s all over I can just try to relax and will hopefully no what’s been causing all these pains ! Good luck for when you have yours too take care xx 🥰

hey hun, your not alone i also have my first lap on Tuesday also and feeling the same xx

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Hayayaya in reply to siren1

Wishing you good luck! Hope it goes well for you

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Ballet22 in reply to siren1

Aw have you where you going for yours mines new hall hospital Salisbury would be funny if we were at the same one !

Good luck xx

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siren1 in reply to Ballet22

it would have been cool but mines at a bmi hospital is a private hospital but im being seen as an nhs patient, to be honest the nice guidelines says i should have been referred to a specialist center as urologist says i have endo inside my bladder seen via cystoscopy

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Ballet22 in reply to siren1

Aw ok oh gosh bless you that’s horrible what they going to do ? I guess they will have to remove the endo that’s inside your bladder ? X

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siren1 in reply to Ballet22

no he said he wont operate on the bladder its to diagnose and stage and will remove mild endo but Should it be an advanced endometriosis, this disease will staged and organs involved identified. These informations with photos will be discussed in the endometriosis MDT and a plan of management will be set. I will then be advised by the team who will usually carry out the treatment.

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Ballet22 in reply to siren1

Ah ok good luck with everything:)

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siren1 in reply to Ballet22

you too :)

Hi lovely.

I can’t tell you what the pain will feel like as I’m still on the waiting list for my lap (another 6/7 months wait) but I’m so happy you’ve got your lap. Must be so so nerve racking

To help you get through the first bit with the needles, just think of how long you’ve had to wait for this moment and that you’re finally going to get answers.. all you need to do is be brave!

I have read on other people’s posts that they got bad gas pain after the operation and that drinking peppermint tea really helped them.

Do keep us updated with your operation and how it goes for you!

Wishing you the best of luck!!

Thankyou yes of course I’ll give you all an update Yeah I think people experience different symptoms after, and yes peppermint tea for the gas pain.

Good luck for when you have yours x

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