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Hip/glute/leg pain?

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(I’m undiagnosed so just curious if this mirrors anyone’s experience with endometriosis or if it’s something else!)

Does anyone gets hip/buttock pain outside of their period - without pelvic pain? I know some women say their pain radiates down from their pelvis but generally I don’t really get pelvic pain outside my period. My hips/glutes/legs are constantly painful though. The more I walk the more it radiates down the backs of my legs - in both but worse in my left. I also often get numb heels - really weird. I’m doing physio exercises but they haven’t helped so far - feels like it’s getting worse. I’m only 21 but I’ve had to stop running and even walking is sore

No ones given me an answer as to what’s causing/caused it so thought I’d hop on here and see if anyone has any similar experiences?

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Hey lovely, I have had this pain for around 6 years and this is how it started. I kept a diary of pain / periods and took private last year. I’ve now been diagnosed with endo possible pcos and primary or secondary lipodema I’m hoping it does die down after op but I won’t know until I’ve had it but sounds exactly like pains I get hopefully u get some answers soon xx

Thank you so much for replying - I really hope your operation goes well xx

Hey there! I had gone to my GP about hip/thigh/leg pain that started around 6 months ago that seemed really random and they couldn’t explain! As I am also currently in the process of being referred to gynae bc of suspected endometriosis both my GP and I have sort potentially linked the two (I also do not always have the pelvic pain but this other pain is near constant) I get the pain almost everyday (apart from a 6 week break from it which was amazing) but again it flared up around ovulation and period so 😓😓. Hope you’re able to get some answers 😌

Ah that sounds so similar to me! Good luck with your gynae referral xx

I get a lot of that. What's is helping me to get some relief is pelvic physiotherapy. She does some dry needling on my glutes and hip. When we are in pain for a long time with endometriosis our bodies 'fight or flight' response gets over reactive and our muscles can over tighten resulting in pain. It would be worth investigating physio from someone who specialises in pelvic pain who does hands on physio not just giving exercises. I'm not currently living in the UK but I'm sure if you Google pelvic physiotherapy someone in your area will come up. Hope that helps x

Hello! I do visit a hands on physio but she doesn’t do dry needling and isn’t a pelvic physiotherapist so maybe I should look into that, thank you! I’m just not really getting anywhere with my current one xx

I was seeing a hands on sports physiotherapist before but changing to the pelvic physiotherapy has worked much better. Hope it helps you to x

Hey lovely, I get this so bad. I have suspected endo but not confirmed yet as well. I’m not currently having periods as I’m in a chemical menopause on Prostap so that’s helping the awful pelvic / period pains but im still getting the bad hip / thigh / leg / lower back pain. The worse part is defo the leg pain...it can vary from a deep dull pulling pain in my thighs to electric shock type pains shooting down my legs to my knees. My legs also feel heavy and like lead and movement has become such an effort...my legs feel stiff and my calves feel tight all of the time it’s so horrible 😞 I try to exercise like walking and gentle gym exercises but it’s such a challenge. I’ve noticed I get pins and needles quite often as well and I struggle to sit on the floor or cross legged because my legs and hips can’t cope with it xx

My pain is exactly the same! Sorry you’re experiencing it too and thanks so much for sharing xx

I can relate to your symptoms. I had the same for years and when I did have hysterectomy they found my abdomen full of adhesions. I don't have any problems now. Good luck and best wishes

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Thank you so much for sharing, I’m so glad you don’t have the same problems now. Lots of luck to you too xx

I have exactly this . The gp refuses to accept it'd gynae related, I've had endometriosis for 30 years !She's fobbing me off with arthritis and sending me for an xray .

This hip / groin pain is new for me but I'm sure it's all linked as I'm in peri menopause and my endometriosis seems to have flared lately

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Initially I also wondered if mine could be something like arthritis as I often feel so stiff! But now I’m sure it’s ligament/nerve related, and it sounds like that makes more sense for you as well with confirmed endometriosis. I hope you get answers xx

Thank you. My xray is tomorrow, I did have an ultrasound booked for today but I had to miss it as my period is too heavy.

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Hello! Hope you’re doing ok - I was wondering whether you’d got any results yet? Xx

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Alex9 in reply to madeline-ella

Hi , thank you that's so kind of you .The results were back 10 Jun but I missed the text from the doctor , she is calling me this afternoon. I am guessing its not serious otherwise they would have been trying to call me before now ! Its still achey but not as painful x

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That’s good it’s a little better - mine is too actually!! And like you say that’s probably a good sign xx

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