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Do TENS machines work?

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I’ve seen a few people mention tens machines for pain relief. Do they work and is there a specific one to get? I know boots sell them so if I can get that one I can snag myself some extra boots points😋

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They work

AUVON Dual Channel TENS Machine...

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EllaB3 in reply to 635703

Thank you so much I’ll take a look!!

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lucikam in reply to 635703

I have the same!

Hi yes definitely do work, I have the lloyds chemist one £20 and comes with 4 pads x

Thank you yes I think you’re talking about the one I’ve seen as well! I think I’m definitely going to make the purchase! X

In my opinion yes :) well they help, it doesn't take pain away completely any stretch, but it kind of distracts your brain away from it and makes it more manageable. A bit like having a nice massage :)

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EllaB3 in reply to CryBaby91

Thank you! I suppose all pain relief is like that isn’t it! I bought a heat pad which is great for when I have a flare up, doesn’t take the pain away completely but definitely helps! X

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CryBaby91 in reply to EllaB3

Definitely agree there, though any relief is better than nothing I guess! Have you tried the heated pads that you can plug in? I love mine, I've not unplugged it in a week 😂 it's like a permanent hot water bottle at exactly the right temperature 🥰 xxx

I use it all the time it's been a life saver and like the others said it's a good distraction and massage at the same time. Doesn't always take the pain away but it's manageable with the tens machine.

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EllaB3 in reply to Razina

Thank you! X


yes it helped me especially when I was at work I would leave it running for my 7hr shift.

I purchased mines from ebay,

Wow that’s really helpful thank you!! I’ll take a look now and see which one would be best for me! X

I wear mine under my clothing and make sure I have a pocket on my clothes which I could put the device in. Its very small and battery always last for so long. rechargeable ones are the beer. I have ordered this for 3 other people. Good luck, it really helps when your in a workplace where you are not allowed to use hot water bottles. x

If your workplace doesn't allow for hot water bottles you can now buy these heated jumper things that look quite good, similar to a plug in blanket you can plug it in and it's warm in 30seconds :) if you're near a plug anyway! Might be good for your dinner break when you can sit down :) I've also seen some hot water bottles with a belly strap that you can conceal under clothing xxx

I run a special needs department so it's quiet hands on now and then. Hence why I use the tens machine when I have the odd flare up. Since surgery I have not had any major flare up just the odd back pain. But yes I did invest in a water bottle which is shaped like a snake which helped with the shoulder pains that was good I got this from Argos.

Hi. I have the wireless Beurer tens machine for menstrual and endo pain. I went for this as it’s wireless! for power, you charge it. The charge is really good on it, lasts a long time.

Answering the question, do they work. I wouldn’t say it takes the pain away however it’s like replacing the pain for a massage. It does distract the mind from the pain. When my pain is constant, I stick my tens machine on to give myself a break from the pain and it works everytime

The only issue I have with my tens machine is that due to my endo I’m usually hurting in many regions: top of legs, lower back, lower stomach. You can only stick this machine on one region at a time. When I stick it on my stomach, it distracts me from the stomach pain but my back and legs do still really hurt and are in pain. This is the only downside I would say for the tens machine but I guess you can just buy a tens machine with multiple sticky pads that you can stick on different regions.

To conclude, I would 100% recommend you to get a TENS machine. Hope it works for you. Let us know how you get on!

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EllaB3 in reply to Hayayaya

Thank you for sharing, I didn’t realise wireless ones were a thing so I’ll definitely look into that! Thank you so much x

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