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Pain after walking/running


Weird question - does anyone find that their pain is triggered by walking for a period of time / running ? I was on my feet for a while at work today and found myself getting a deep stabbing pain in the region of my right ovary and this seems to happen whenever I walk for a while/attempt a jog (which in fairness is a rare occurrence lol)!

Yet to have an official endo diagnosis - consultant suspects it but yet to have a lap etc. (And my next appointment with gynae has been pushed back to summer) 🙃

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I’ve had a similar thing and I’m wondering if it could be a cyst? I’ve heard plenty of stories about women aggravating/bursting cysts by doing exercise. I’m also in the process of being diagnosed :) x

I had an ultrasound end of last year and they seem to think no cysts - it’s all so annoying!!! Hope everything is okay with your diagnosis process🥰x

Hi, I get this as well when I do too much, weather its housework, or walking the dog, it is made worse by these things. So you are not alone in feeling this way. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Sending you light and love

Thank you❤️

I've not been diagnosed but I'm interested in the answers to your question as i notice my pain is worse after walking long distances or doing certain types housework etc. Initially I assumed the pain was muscular, it started in my hip but moved to the ovary and appendix area. One time when the pain was quite persistent I was doing some stretching and as I lifted my hands above my head I got a sudden sharp/ripping type pain above the right ovary, almost as if I had torn something (although that sounds a bit dramatic, I can't think how else to describe it). The pain stopped as quickly as it started and went back to a dull ache but it made me not want to stretch again!!! Scans are clear of cysts and my MRIs show nothing so endo is about the only thing left.

You’ve described it spot on!!!! I always thought it was muscular but since the consultant mentioned endo I though actually yeah that’s way more likely! I’ve always suspected something wasn’t quite right and maybe endo but it wasn’t until more recently when I’m putting certain things together in my mind! Xx

Me! I get this and I’ve been wondering the same thing. I used to do a lot of hill walking but the pain made me stop. Now if I drive a long difference it hurts, sometimes just standing in the shower too long it hurts. I’ve been diagnosed with adenomyosis and the gp thinks there’s nerve problems along with it. She gave me amnitriptyline which has allowed me to move about my house as I was unable to move at all before x

Hopefully that will help! It’s such a pain (pardon the pun) 🥰

Hi! I have had endo officially diagnosed for the last 6 years but have suffered for 21 years... yes! I had massive surgery nov 2018 and had 9 months of what I can only call a normal life no pains or signs of endo at all and then sadly it all came back.. currently waiting in the next few months to have more massive surgery but I can tell you I sympathise I am I nurse and on my feet all the time... if I'm rushing around and quickly sit down to do notes I feel like well my insides really hurt and if i run across the road etc the movement i can feel the pulling on the inside and walking if i walk fast the movement inside it disturbs and it feels like pulling and I get a constant dull pain all the time atm anyway... but what I say is those 9 months of freedom just showed me that what I do suffer with is actually not normal!! Its so strange because to you or me we think what we feel is normal!! Keep fighting to get that diagnosis and remember your entitled to see a specialist under the BSGE!! X x

Oh bless you! Thank you for all that you do!! I’m going to keep pushing for treatment etc - I’m 22 and so hoping to st least get a diagnosis properly so that I can manage it as effectively as I can for the future xx

Hi yes I have the same. I took up running at the very beginning of the very first lockdown so a year ago and had to stop as running would actually bring on a bleed

So frustrating! I want to lose weight but anytime I try to exercise it brings on pain!

It really is then when you start too you have a flare up an bloated and throw in the towel!!! This is me each and every time

Yes i felt like everything was going to fall out and had full blown contractions after

Tmi i know but I tried all healthy food and exercises but it got worse in my case it was adhesions but I wish you luck in getting the treatment you need quickly. It drives you mad when you love keeping fit and you can't do it x

So true!!! I lost 3 stone a couple of years ago (largely through diet) and then it massively plateaued - been trying to up my exercise and eat well and the pain jsut stops - and then I comfort eat because I’m in pain! Vicious cycle and so frustrating now that I’ve come to love working out!!!

Hello,I also get sharp stabbing pain around my right ovary on a run. It usually kicks in after about 10 minutes but I can't carry on once it's started. I bleed everytime I run and go for a walk as well. I was diagnosed with endo 2 years ago after a laparoscopy. It is tiring going through all of this but hang in there. Good luck to you 😘 xx

Thank you! Sounds like a similar experience to me😭 want to lose weight but exercising is so hard when it brings on pain - and I don’t want to push myself and make it worse!! Xx

It is very frustrating! I am optimistic that, one way or another, we will get there! Xx

Hi, I also get this so I know how excruciating that stabbing is, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo nearly 2 years ago after laparoscopy which resulted in quite a large cyst being removed at the same time. I however still get stabbing pain in the region of both my ovaries with my left side being the worst but on my last check up where I was sent for a scan it showed that cysts were growing on my left ovary again, so my advice is persist on getting seen, also if your on your feet for long periods of time take 5 mins to yourself

Thank you for the advice! I’ve had an ultrasound and it hasn’t shown any cysts but I have another gynae appointment in June so you best believe I’ll be pushing for more!!!! Xxx

Me!! All the time. Walking especially but general routine house work cancause the pain. I've stopped running as the pain can be unbearable, My legs are so restless during the night as feel so heavy. I've noticed more over this month as I've been walking for my Endo challenge. Definitely something that aggravates and causes a flare up. I worked from my bed yesterday with my weighted blanket and laptop on, just because sitting at my desk was so uncomfortable... I'd been for a walk the evening before, as I felt like I was having a good day that day.

Oh bless you! Take care of yourself❤️

Yes I get a flare if I run but it doesn’t happen every time which is odd. It sounds a bit different to your pain, it’s more as if my period has started. The other odd thing is I think it’s actually related to deep breathing rather than the movement because I did some deep breathing wim hoff exercises and it triggered a horrible flare. I work as a gardener and move all the time working hard but without getting out of breath and don’t get flares. Maybe it’s oxygen related. No idea.

Oh that’s so interesting! I hate the pain but sometimes it does get me to have a bit of a think and try to get more in tune with any triggers or anything!

I used to find that running would make me bleed and induce pain, so I stopped running. I find walking ok though and stretching exercises are good. These symptoms aren't easy are they? I have found that some symptoms can wax and wane though, so I hope it eases soon for you. X

Thank you❤️

I have severe endometriosis and agree that post high impact cardio I have a significant flare up. I guess its finding the balance between exercise and the subsequent impact this has on your body.

Completely true! I’m trying to lose weight and striking a balance is jsut not happening at the moment but I will keep trying! Xx

It’s very common for the pain to come on after walking and running. It’s because your organs are moving about and it moves the endometriosis tissue around and that what causes the pain. I have been waiting 6 months for a Laproscopy and getting really fed up with waiting. The pain is unbearable some days and I hate the fatigue with it! Fingers crossed once the lockdown eases we will hear about a date to have the lap 🤞🏼

Absolutely! My consultant hasn’t even put me on the waiting list yet because I’m 22 and they want me to think about what contraception options there are first🤦🏻‍♀️ But I’m going to keep pushing for the lap! The wait is absolutely horrendous!! Fingers crossed for you🤞🏻Xxx

I also experience this a lot! I have been diagnosed and strangely I especially get pain on the right side too. My consultant said that there is no particular reason in my case that it would be worse in that area and she does see that a lot with Endometriosis.

It’s so strange - but reassuring it’s not jsut me! Thought I was going mad! Xx

I get this!!!! Mainly on my left side, as my ovary is sticking to my kidney. Had my cysts drained 2 years ago but now I can walk around my house and end up in agony. I’m assuming it’s more cysts but it’s such a kick in the stomach as I’m now starting to get anxious about doing anything as I know I’ll more than likely end up in agony.

Sending you love and healing!!! Xxx

Also, does anyone know anything that can help with this?

Hi, yes! I get pain and bleeding after most exercise. I took up yoga at the beginning of the year while off work and that seemed to be light enough not to trigger it. Good luck with everything x

I will give this a try!!! Thank you xxx

I have thr rxact same thing that was worse after my cyst burst. I think maybe the gas in our stomach can also trigger our female parts hurting?? Just a theory. But I get the exact same sensation. I haven't been diagnosed with endo or pcos but I have had cysts burst and have gone to the hospital for it

Yes I have same problem. I have been diagnosed with endometrial cysts on left ovary. Waiting on laparoscopy to have them removed.


Yes, I experience pain if I walk for long periods of time or do physical exercises of any kind. The pain on my legs is excruciating. I have had two laparoscopy operations to treat my Endo. I am fifty , the period pain is still as crippling as it was when I was a teenage girl. I manage to have three children though, according to some doctors. Child bearing was suppressing the Endo. I got into serious difficulty when I had my last child who is now 18.It took seven years to diagnose me, my bowel was fused to my uterus by the time I was diagnosed.

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