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Sex with Endometriosis


Was just reading a post about pain after masturbation or foreplay. This is something I experience quite often even when it’s non-penetrative! Around a minute after my last orgasm I get pains in my lower abdomen area which vary in strength each time but it always come with feeling like I urgently need to move my bowels and I get the hot sweats and feel sick too sometimes!

It’s the same pain I get after sex although I don’t get the sick feeling after sex.

The post I was reading was from around 2 years ago so i’m just wondering if anyone got any answers? I do have endometriosis and was wondering if it’s related?

Also i’m just curious if anyone else gets really dull pains going through the vagina and clitoris into the stomach when they are horny and if this is normal? I call it the female blue balls😂

Thanks in advance!

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I get something similar, I don't get pain during sex but after I orgasm I get a deep, dull ache in my pelvis and tops of my thighs. This is with both penetrative and non-penetrative sex, always directly after I orgasm. I've only had this since experiencing endo symptoms and it's generally in the same locations I get other endo pains so I've always figured it was due to endo. I've had a laparoscopy almost 12 months ago to diagnose and remove endo but this is still a symptom I get frequently :(

I assumed it was endo too but I was hoping if it’s endo there’s a way to reduce the pain or that maybe I needed a second surgery which would then stop the pain:/ kind of ruins the excitement knowing you’ll be sore after😂

Absolutely, kills the mood completely!

During my early forties, I had severe sharp pains in my lower abdomen after orgasm. For awhile it was every time and then not as often. It scared me a little and I wondered what was going on. I would just lay there for awhile until it passed. Eventually it stopped happening all together, then it would come back again every so often. I was never quite sure what to make of it. Now I am in my late forties and it rarely happens. I do not have endometriosis, I see my gynecologist regularly. It certainly was in the back of my mind when I was intimate although I have never had an orgasm during intercourse. Since it only happened during oral sex or masturbation I could mentally try to prepare for what might happen.

My over all sex drive has just about completely diminished over the last few years. It's been very difficult to embrace this new change. I have always had an insatiable sex drive. That tingly sensation of being excited has also disappeared.... on occasion I get a sharp pain (sort of feels like the shape of a sewing needle) straight though my clitoris but it does not extend into my abdomen.

When I read your post, I was saddened to know someone was experiencing what I have experienced. It also felt comforting to know that my experience wasn't unique. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for your reply! Was there anything you did to make it better? I’m only 19 and I’ve got pretty much no sex drive left at all now which is really putting a strain on my relationship! It’s been getting worse lately and I don’t know what to do about it:/

Sad to hear other people have been affected by a similar thing with no solution:(

You are most welcome... I didn't do anything in particular to make it better.... I just went through it as best as I could, limiting my stress and maintaining a calmness. It definitely puts a strain on ones relationship.... the thing is that's tricky... what I mean is, you would be stressed as it pertains to your pain but the added stress from another individual isn't healthy either and definitely exacerbates the situation unnecessarily so . If that is happening I believe it would be imperative to work out healthy communication with your partner. Your health and well being is extremely important and will be for your whole life. Be good to yourself, it isn't always easy to do that but if you keep trying you will surely benefit from your efforts.

I wish I could give you a more definitive resolution to the challenges you are experiencing or even perhaps a new path to pursue. All of my blood work has been fine (except extremely low vitamin D) and my hormones are all in check - well most of the time lol.

You have reached out to others, which is huge! Let's hope there is someone that can give you some information that will bring you some resolutions.

Kind Regards!

I’ll try that. It’s harder for guys to understand what’s actually going on and they seem to think we are over exaggerating which is annoying:/ i’m going to go back to the doctors tomorrow and hopefully I can get a solution to help!

Thank you for your help and letting me know i’m not alone!

Wishing you all the best!

Yes, perhaps it is more challenging for men to understand.... I suppose they may think it's an out for us to not have sex which may bruise there ego and more importantly just not get them what they want. I think men are pretty good about getting what they want.

May you persevere!

You are most welcome and thank you for not making me feel alone either (-:

Be well and I will be rooting for you! Let us know how things go for you.

This was my exact symptoms and I had endometriosis removed from my pouch of Douglas, I’m only four weeks out of surgery so haven’t “tested” if it’s fixed at all and maybe won’t for a while yet, but maybe worth looking into that.

Whoisthis in reply to Stonemason

Just out of interest have you had your bloods done for hormone levels? Sounds like your testosterone levels have dived. Maybe worth a look?

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