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Experiences of the POP?

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I have suspected endo and the gynaecologist has suggested trying the progestogen only pill (cerrazette) for a few months before considering a laparoscopy. Just wondering what others experiences of being on this has been ... What side effects/benefits did you have? Did it help with your endo?

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Hi carlyi,

Obviously everyone's experience with pills are different but mine has been positive with the POP. I had side effects for the first month or so - I got headaches and some spells where I felt dizzy/sick and had to lie down, as well as some pretty nasty breast pain but they all settled down after a few weeks. I've had quite a bit of 'spotting' and some small periods - a lot lighter and less painful than they used to be but they can drag on for a couple of weeks and still require painkillers (I normally use cocodamol). But over time they're getting less frequent - I had almost 3 months between my last bleeds. My bowel symptoms have also been less severe. Unfortunately it hasn't done much for the chronic pain I have every day so I'm still going for a lap, but it's made my periods much more bearable and less frequent. Your experience may well be totally different but it's worth a shot, I hope you find it helps xx


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