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Consultation before lap


Hi everyone! Brilliant forum. So glad I've found it.

I've recently been diagnosed with a large endrometrioma on both ovaries (diagnosed by an mri and ultrasound), so they are going to take my ovaries out, I'm just waiting for my appointment.

Anyway I've been having pain in my left leg for months now but never thought it was connected, plus pain in my coccyx for years. I've read that maybe that can be due to endometriosis? But I don't know what to do because I never mentioned these areas of pain to the consultant because I never imagined it was connected. Do you think when the laparoscopy is done, will they search around that far back? Where my coccyx and nerves are? Does anyone know if I'll have a chance to ask them to do that or do you think that would have to be a seperate lap?

Thanks in advance :)

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So if your have an appointment to go through symptoms and they've agreed surgery you are unlikely to have neither meeting with the consultant until the morning of the surgery. If you want them to also look at this the best thing is to contact their secretary and tell them. And see what they say as they might be able to do it at the same time to avoid multiple surgeries.

Linzoid76 in reply to Christin_a

Thankyou that's good advice. I'm not sure how to contact the secretary but I'll look into it. Thanks for replying.

I agree re talking to the secretary they are normally quite helpful.

If you call the hospital they should be able to give you her number to call.

Re the pain you may find a electric heat pad helpful. I had terrible lower back pain and was leant one and it was amazing! Much better than microwave bags as it’s plugged into a socket so it keeps the temperature the same.

I bought mine from Argos they still sell them and they are a godsend! I now use it on my stomach for the endo pains! :(

Good luck! X

Thank you. The heat pad sounds amazing I’ll look into that thanks for the recommendation 😊

You are most welcome!

My operation is next Monday and I’m going to be permanently using mine all week as I can’t take pain relief now! :(

This is the one I have

Oh this looks lovely and soothing! Will get this with next months pay cheque!

It really is because it’s flat you can move it how you need it wrap it around your leg etc. Lay on it and it won’t be uncomfortable like a hit water bottle or wheat bag.

I have had mine for a number of years now and it’s one of the gadgets you buy that you don’t regret.

May find it cheaper on amazon?

I read some here say that a heat pad helper after surgery too so I’m hopeful it will aid recovery next week for me. X

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