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Laparoscopy Waiting list...

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Hi. I’m 19 years old and haven’t had any type of operation before so I am quite nervous. Having had symptoms of endo for about 7 years I have been put on the waiting list for a Laparoscopy.

Does anyone have any general advise on what to expect with the Laparoscopy e.g. recovery times, and what happens next if endo is found.

Thanks :)

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As someone who is also 19 and had her diagnostic laparoscopy at the start of June this year, and also has horrible anxiety surrounding anything medical, you don’t have anything to worry about. With the surgery, all I remember is being in the anaesthetic room and then next thing I know, I’m in recovery. All the nurses are lovely and if you are anxious, explain it to them and they’ll help reassure you.

As mine was purely a diagnostic laparoscopic procedure, my recovery was perhaps a little easier than if I had treatment. I was back to work after 2 weeks but still had a sore feeling about me for a few more weeks. I’m now 10 weeks and a day post op and finally have my follow up tomorrow where I may actually be told what’s going on (I was unlucky and didn’t have someone speak to me after my op to explain any findings properly, so would recommend you making sure that you’re told - or at least whoever is with you understands as you my be a bit loopy from medication)

Good luck xx


Thank you for your response :) that has helped put my mind at ease. I think it’s the fear of the unknown that is giving me anxiety the most.

Mine is also a diagnostic one so hopefully the recovery process will be some what similar.

Thanks xx

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Hey , there is nothing you can do to change it just go with it. do lots of research on how to cope with pain and being younger if you have surgery it will be a less likely to be any risks or complications as your younger. I thought i was young at 26 having stage 4 endo. iv just had it all removed by surgically excision the pain an swelling is bad, I discharged myself the day after surgery due to the nurse giving me no pain relief all day then at 6.30pm put 2 paracetamol on my table an said see how you go with that .

I am now home by myself and got a bottle of morphine to last a week from my gp.

Keep us updated and will try an guide you on what to expect if your case progresses soon.


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I have just had a laparoscopy (4 days post op). I was exactly like you, feeling very anxious and nervous as I had also never had any kind of operation before. Let the nurses know you are feeling anxious about it, I also don’t like needles - I told them in my pre-op assessment and it all went on my notes. When I arrived at the hospital they all already knew and were very kind and reassuring to me. Although, I still cried.

I only remember going to the anaesthetic room, talking briefly with the nurse while they calmed me down and then waking up in recovery).

They found a lot more endometriosis than anticipated but they removed it all and they removed a cyst (which they already knew about). I spent two nights in hospital. They kept me in on the first night because I wasn’t well straight after the operation (I don’t remember anything) and I kept myself in the second night as the first night I had been poorly. I think it was my reaction the anaesthetic and I wanted to be with the nurses who could help rather than stress and worry at home. They were so kind and really looked after me and completely understood how I was feeling.

When you get up to go the toilet - roll onto your side and push yourself up onto your bottom with your hands, this will save using your yummy muscles and do the same when getting back into bed.

For the car ride home - use a small pillow to put between your tummy and the seatbelt, this made the journey home much more comfortable.

I am able to get myself out of bed on my own and have my appetite back now. I’m very stiff and my inscion sites hurt every now and then but taking paracetamol and naproxen is helping. Just take it at your own pace and don’t rush your recovery. Everyone recovers at their own speed. Have someone at home with you to take care and help you for the first few days - this has really helped me.

Sorry for the long reply, but I hope this has helped - I completely understand how you are feeling, 100% but it is okay and will help you in the long run ☺️. If you have any other questions or anything, please ask ☺️ X


Hi !

I’m 19 as well and had a laparoscopy last November . I was absolutely petrified , but I promise it’s so much better than you imagine. I even walked down with the nurse crying. But there were 2 lovey nurses who held my hand and reassured me and before I knew it I was awake.

For me the recovery time was about 2 weeks , but just make sure you rest up. Message me if you want to chat to anyone & good luck ! Xxx

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