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Honest opinions on mirena coil please...good and bad


Hi ladies

So considering getting the mirena coil. Did it help your pain? How did it affect your periods?

I'm in pain daily with my endo and need something to help now. Painkillers aren't really helping and don't want to take them every day.

Thanks x

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I'm interested in above too please. I'm particularly worried about gaining weight, getting spots and mood swings.

Hi, I had it fitted for around 16 months it was fab for me. Periods stopped no pain and I didn’t put on any weight. Unfortunately after the 16 months things got worse and I couldn’t tolerate it. I am now on the process of being put through the menopause in prep for a hysterectomy. Which I am really worried about. Hope this helps

Carolan123 in reply to Tinkmin

Thankyou so much xx

Having had 3 types of coil, and things not going perfectly with any of it, I'd still say try it. The mirena stopped my periods completely. You won't know whether it helps you if you don't try it, and the results/side effects will be specific to each person who has it. What happens to one person might not happen to you.

I would say considering your endo, particularly if you're prone to cramps then ask for some decent pain relief to prevent cramping from the gp beforehand as the post insertion is difficult sometimes. They'll tell you an ibuprofen is fine but for me it never has been, I needed valium and codeine to sort me out. Didn't feel a thing!

Short of pain relief, I'd say just make sure you're free for a day or two immediately after getting it. Make sure you have a straightforward and quick route home - taxi or a lift from a friend rather than walking or getting the bus. Its better to make sure you are home and comfortable just in case you do experience some of the cramps people talk about. But it might be fine for you, you'd have to try it to find out.

They'll consult you beforehand at the clinic to make sure you understand and have a chance to ask any questions.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Thankyou so much. Amazing advice xx

Hello, I agree with the lady above. I had the copper coil before the Mirena and it halved my constant pain, although it unfortunately didn’t stop my periods (now taking the pill on top). Insertion pain is horrible, definitely follow advice above If you do decide to go for it. I have always been sensitive to hormones but didn’t notice much change with moods, skin has been a bit worse but nothing to moan about considering the alternative. Good luck 😊 xx

Carolan123 in reply to Katyt234

Thankyou so much xx

Be aware that it can take time to get the results you want. I have had my Mirena in for 2 months and it's only now beginning to settle. It gave me daily cramping and bleeding/spotting which are tailing off now. On the upside, the pain has been much more mild than my original acute monthly pain, it's just that it's every day which is annoying. I haven't noticed other major side effects, but did have a bit of extra hair shedding and sore boobs in the first few weeks. My coil was put in during laparoscopy so I can't comment on insertion pain. (Both hair and boob issues are resolved now, touch wood.) Good luck with whatever you decide. x

Carolan123 in reply to IFB2019

Thankyou:) I have pain daily anyway and have done for over a year now so hopefully anything is better then this. Bit worried about my periods being messed around but I'm going to give it a go and see how I get on xx

Hi there I had it fitted last year and just couldn't get on with it. It caused a lot of lower stomach discomfort cramps, and spotting. I had it removed in the end. But it may work for you as everyone is different. xx

Carolan123 in reply to LisaG17

Thankyou for your reply. Thinking to give it a go and see xx

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