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Really struggling

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So I am now 7 weeks post op from a total hysterectomy including tubes and ovaries. This was completed as a final attempt by my gynae to reduce my debilitating pain from my endo. They found adeno when operating so gynae was very hopeful that this would fix the pain. After the op for the first 2 weeks everything was looking up and less pain.

However, now the pain is back worse than ever and Im waiting for my GP to write to my gynae to expedite my appointment. I feel really down and I dont know how to cope with this.

I knew that the operation wouldnt fix my endo and might not fix my pain but I didnt expect it to get worse!!!

I dont really know what I want from this post other than to talk to people that understand.

Ahhhh rant over. 😭😭😭😭 xxxx

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Bless you! I have not had a hysterectomy. But first few days after my lap I felt great- maybe the drugs idk. But day 5 uggghh I felt awful like a train had hit me, Static pain & all the rest. Horrible. Do u have strong painkillers? I know this sounds silly but could you eat something you love or watch a program you love? That always boosts me and essential oils something better than a glass of wine for me πŸ‘ I hope this may help a little & you get some relief xx

Im on slow release morphine and this has just been increased to the same as I was on pre op. Then I have paracetamol, naproxen and oramorph for the rest of the pain.

I could ask my mum to make my favourite for tea thats a good idea. Thanks. Xxx

Oh bless you πŸ˜– yeh just the little things sometimes mums are great I hope she can make it for you 😊 xx

I literally cant cope without her and my dad since the op.

But yeh you are right I think I need to concentrate on the little things.

Thanks. Xxxx

Ah bless you. I don't think I can help. I desperately need a hysterectomy but been told by 2 consultants no way to dangerous in my case. It's an awful condition to have. Very hard to find people that understand. I am sure you are trying everything you can. It's so frustrating. I am not surprised you are feeling low and all you are feeling. You seen the op as the end of all that you go through and hope of getting at least some form of life back. You need lots of rest and yes sort out being seen by doctors but don't be hard on yourself one day at a time. Hope you get sorted and feel better soon. Take care. Good luck. Xx

Thanks. I am resting loads can't really do anything else to be honest.

I think I was being tough on myself and I do need to give myself a break. Its just so nice to talk to people that understand.

Im sorry to hear that you need a hysterectomy but its too dangerous.


Sending you big hugs. It must be so disheartening, try not to dispare. Could it be that the pains could get worse before better?

I'm sure there are ladies on here that have been is a similar position as you. I hope that they can offer more encouragement to you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, somewhere.

Stay strong and rant on here as much as you want. The support is amazing

Stay strong

Ria x

livvi_livvi in reply to Riajane

Thanks for the hugs deffo needed.

Im not sure to be honest if the pain could get worse to get better. My GP was concerned about the pain for the amount of time since the op so he made it sound like it wasnt a case of worse before better.

Yeahh I think I just needed to hear from some of you lovely warriors. Thanks. Xxxx

If you got your surgery with a non-endo specialist (no matter it was just a hysterectomy and not excision) it's perfectly normal it came back. However, I do not think this is your case because endo cannot come back after just a few weeks, that's impossible (unless obviously you had severe endo and none was taken away).

So yeah, sound like you gynae is not an endo specialist.

My gynae is a BSGE accredited endo specialist with a lot of experience. He excised the endo at the same time as the hysterectomy. So its not a case that he wasnt a specialist.

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