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Bleeding down there after laparoscopy and Mirena insertion


Hi Everyone, I had my lap on Wednesday so now 4 days post op. Ive had a small amount of spotting for the first two days however yesterday I got really strong stomach cramps and now quite a lot of bleeding and clots. Is this normal or should I contact my doctor? Thank you!

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I had the same unfortunately! It’s awful I called the surgeons office and they said this is normal after eblasion surgery, I had this on and off for about 4-5 days

Melly1200 in reply to Emcoxx

Did you have clots too? Sorry for the gory details but mine are about 10cm long 😬 just getting a bit concerned as they are there every time I go to the toilet

emmaquinny in reply to Melly1200

If you are concerned I think you should get checked- you know your body and you sound concerned, maybe call 111 for advice, you will get through to a nurse and they will put you through to a dr, get you an appointment if it’s needed. I had not bled (due to mirena) for over a year up until my lap which did cause me to bleed again (I also had a hysteroscopy as well which I am sure contributed) just for the first week which got lighter and lighter. Good luck, get well xxx

Emcoxx in reply to Melly1200

Yes i did have large clots!

Hi I bled for 10 days, no clots though x

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