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My first laparoscopy! Any advice?


After a battle for 2 years I'm finally having my laparoscopy this Friday.

I'm so nervous.

Can anyone give me some advice and how they recovered after wards?

Many thanks in returns

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Hi Tessie,

Don't worry. I was so scared I went to the op room crying! However, it was waaaay better than I expected, I only had to spent a couple of days at the hospital, the post-op did not hurt at all and I was ok two weeks after (I mean 'ok' as in up and walking around and doing my usual things) I did take 4 weeks from work as I wanted to heal quicker, but the whole process was very easy. Rest, Netflix and eat easy and nutritious things.

So don't worry, really -think that your life will be totally different (and 100% better!) after that.

Thank you

Tessie70 in reply to judithcooks

I'm so glad to hear that it helped you.

Thank you for your advice.

It's so hard not to worry.

Hi please don’t worry, I had my first one 2 weeks ago. I was so worried, panicking about everything and you know what it’s not half as bad as I thought.

When you are in theatre you are put under very quickly, you know nothing about it until you wake up and are in recovery. The recovery is the strange bit, you feel drunk!!!

The only bad thing to happen to me was to be sick several times after the op due to the anaesthetic, that’s common though and it’s water you bring up since you don’t have any food in your stomach anyway.

I would say if you are sore, take painkillers, don’t try and be brave and not take anything.

Also one mistake I made was not to have any bowel prep so I couldn’t go to the toilet for 7 days and it was agony. Ask your doctor for some lactulose, it’s a syrup and it works.

Look after yourself and have others around you to help you once you get home. I was bad for 2 days but then I started to slowly recover and feel good x

I'm so happy to hear it all went well fot you and that I'm worrying over nothing!

Sadly I have issues with my bowels as it is. They're sure it's because of the endo and laxatives have never worked for me.

But I'm on daily meds to kick the nervs in my bowels into action.

But thank you for your advice.

We're you out of hospital the same day?

And what type of pain killers kept at ease?

I've been told that you'll get back pain, shoulder pain and trapped wind.

Did you find anything to help these? X

Hi I was overnight which was planned, I was In a private hospital so not so much of a hurry to get the beds back.

I took codeine for a week. You do get very bloated, I am still like that now but it’s not so noticeable as time goes on and the bloating has reduced significantly for me. I had 2 days of bad pain in my shoulders, that’s probably the worst as it’s really painful and I used a hot water bottle on that area.

I ended up getting an infection in my belly button where they made an incision, so be careful to check your wounds and if anything doesn’t feel right to give the nurse a call x


Don't worry at all, it's no where near as bad as you think. I had one day where I struggled doing certain things, but as long as I sat still I felt okay. When I first came home I went to the toilet, only to realise I couldn't bend over to pick my knickers back up! I had to call my boyfriend for help and we laughed about it haha. But seriously, as long as you just chill out, try and relax for the and get some rest, you'll be alright. Just take it easy, but don't glue yourself to the couch. It's difficult, but if you can get up and make a cuppa etc. Just go and do it because you need to try and keep moving if you can. You'll feel better more quickly if you do, you will know what you feel and what your limits are.

The worst thing for me was the tiredness. I felt soooo tired for about three days afterwards, but I think it was because of the anaesthetic. But you might not get that, everybody responds to it differently.

Don't be alarmed if you don't poo for like a week afterwards either. I was terrified, I couldn't work out where all my food was going because I was definitely eating like normal and none of it coming out!!! After 5 days I went to the chemist and they gave me something to help. The anaesthetic and pain killers can do that to you, so if that happens just pop to pharmacy and explain that you've had the procedure and they can help.

I can't think of anything else. Good luck and I hope you get your answers!


Thanks girls for all your support, answering all my questions and putting my mind at ease.

But they've cancelled my operation for today 😞 xx


You will be absolutely fine, I'm nervous every time but it feels like you wake up a second after you're asleep and it's all done!

I'd recommend:

-invest in a couple of small cushions, ideally mini bean bag type ones for the journey home to put between you and the seatbelt on your belly and to help with getting comfy to sleep

-peppermint tea

-wheat pack for your shoulders as the gas pushes on your diaphragm and that has nerves connected to your shoulders which can hurt quite a bit

-take ginger biscuits and peppermint tea with you to the hospital for when you wake up

-make yourself a nice soup you can take to the hospital with you in a flask so you can have it when you're strong enough it's nice having something gentle on your belly first!

-buy some flight socks to wear at home during recovery but keep moving gently a little at a time it really helps stop the dvt

Hope everything goes well! Sending you the warmest wishes x

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