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I'm currently on Decaptyl injections I have 2 months left, been to see the consultant today and he wants me to come off them for 3 months as I'm reluctant to take hrt. My mum got breast cancer from taking this after her hysterectomy. Has anyone been on these drugs and for how long. Did there symptoms return when they came off the drugs. Is anyone taking any supplements whilst on these drugs instead of hrt.

Sorry for so many questions but I'm so worried about coming off the injections as I feel so well

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I would love to hear an answer on this too. I have 3 weeks left and don’t want to go on hrt or stop taking them as they seem to dull the pain someone. Let’s hope someone replies for both of us x are you finding the injections are doing anything ?

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I went to see the consultant yesterday, he told me that i have to come off them as i'm not willing to take HRT, my mum had endo and had a hysterectomy at the age of 30 and was put on HRT 5 years later she got Breast Cancer thankfully she was treated and is well today, at the time they told her that they felt that the HRT was a big factor in her getting the breast cancer hence why im so reluctant to take it.

My problem is that i have been so well on these injections best i have felt for a long time, i hope someone replies to this to as i wondered if there is a way of taking the injections and using a supplement instead of HRT.

How have you found the injections ? have you seen a big improvement in your pain.

hopefully we will get lots of replys x

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