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Induced menopause before lap

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Im 23 years old and have been suffering for nearly 3 years with suspected endometriosis, I have been told that to have the lap done I would need to lose a lot of weight and have been slowly but surely been working on it with the endo diet and light exercise but i am still a long way away. My pain has been so bad i havent been able to go to work or uni or even get out of bed and my gyno has suggested to have the menopause jag. I was wondering if others feel this would be a good idea, I have done some research but still feel unsure about the situation and dont know anyone else in similar situations. Thanks for reading and any advice would be great.

2 Replies
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Good morning, I had a 6 month course of Prostap injections. They works a treat for me, no pains whatsoever. I did suffer from hot flushes but this was more welcome than the pain I had been suffering. I was given Livial add back Hrt to help with the hot flushes. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has the option.

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Thank you for replying, I definitely agree hot flushes would feel great compared to the pain, I am definitely considering it now :) and im glad it worked for you, hope you continue to be pain free x

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