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Inflammation in stool test - connected to endo?

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Hi, has anyone had inflammation show up in a stool test and have it connected to endo? Having lots of symptoms that I posted about before and only connected them all at the weekend to look like endo but got results of stool test back today and GP says it shows inflammation which is indicative of an inflammatory bowel disease...and although not impossible it would rarely be endo in the bowel. He thinks possibly bowel disease and endo but I don't seem to have any other symptoms of bowel disease? Thanks in advance! Lou

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Have you had urodynamics re utis as mine connected to neurogenic bladder one ureter too many & realise now my hormonal imbalances at pubity severe dysmennhorea relieved with pill .A spina bifida was seen in liver of "no consequence" but neurogenic bladder , low thyroid [ genetic] was & have had IBS diagnosed with yellow liquid faeces since then as also relates to continence & function [ heart /lung] .Today I realise the one ureter too many may have been more complex endemetriosis only diagnosed 2 yrs ago!

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