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Unbearable Period Pains?!

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Hi everyone!

I’m 18 years old and have had my period since I was 13. My periods have never been regular and sometimes I will go 2 months without having them. I got mine today and the pain is so unbearable! I’ve taken painkillers and gotten into a hot shower and then laid down with my electric blanket on my back. Literally nothing is working! I keep feeling sick and it hurts to move. On the odd occasion i will feel dizzy. I don’t take contraception and I’ve not had sex. Is this normal? Is it worth booking an appointment at the doctors?

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I'm sorry to hear your having very painful periods. I am very similar to you. I started my periods at 13 and they were horrendously painful. I continue to get very painful periods, but as mine are regular I can keep on top of them pain with regular painkillers/ hot water bottle. I did go into the contraceptive pill for a few years which helped the pain. I would recomend booking an appointment with your GP. Hope this helps, C

Hi! I am 18 and having the same symptoms and I started my period when I was 10 years old. I am yet to go to my doc. Hopefully, you find the solution to your pains! xx

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