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Hormone treatment

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So I know that endo is treated with a combination of hormone treatment and some kind of surgery to remove endo deposits. I was wondering how many of you have done this and whether or not you’re having your pills back to back (no periods)? And whether or not you’re still in pain after surgery and hormone treatment? I’m not sure if I’m making sense. I’m asking because I’ve seen a lot of people say how much their lives have improved since surgery but I’m not sure if they are also on the pill and generally are not experiencing pain or if they’re saying their periods are not as painful?

How’s your experience with the back to back pills? Do you ever have cramps, bladder related endo problem, bowel related endo problems? Or any other symptoms?

Or do you feel relatively normal?

Basically my question is how have you treated your endo and How has it changed your life after getting it?

I’m really sorry for how badly I worded all this lol

I’ve only recently been diagnosed with endo stage 4 and expecting to have a few surgeries soon but trying to find out as much as I can about this

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Hi maximus! Haha don’t worry, I understood your post perfectly! Yes I started off taking microgynon years ago which had a 7 day break where you had a withdrawal bleed, but after I had excision surgery last year for endometriosis, my consultant changed my pill to cerazette (back to back pill) as it is supposed to stop your periods altogether therefore preventing the opportunity for endometriosis to grow back. It took about 6 months to work for me as I was having a light bleed pretty much every 2 weeks which was grim and very frustrating. But I’m happy to say that FINALLY it has settled and this hormone seems to work well for me. Surgery helped massively too, and I can honestly say that now I’m feeling like a new woman compared to a year and a half ago. I still get endo flare ups occasionally (unfortunately it can still grow back even after surgery) but it’s manageable now with the new pill I’m on and nowhere near as painful as before. I used to have to cancel social plans all the time and it was really impacting my life daily, but now I’m able to go anywhere or do anything with minimal pain and discomfort. So my advice is - take the treatment!! Good luck! 💪🏼

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