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Help needed


Need help please I've suffered with endo for years burnt away 5 times, never taken seriously or given the help I need, I now have a 4 month old, was rushed into hospital Sunday in severe agony, they said I need an emergency scan n if they think it's endo again to put proper management in place, I was so happy I was actually being taken seriously and getting help, I've still not had my scan, they said I'm not priority cos my observations are fine, I've been stressing I've never left my baby and need to get better and home to him asap, another consultant came out and said basically sometimes they don't no what's wrong and we need to accept that so basically nobody is helping me, I'm just getting worse n worse, im not even getting painkillers frequent I'm getting them around every 10 hours after keep asking and asking. I'm just at a loss of what to do I need some sort of specialist to help me n come up with a solution. I've been through this so many times it's so deliberating especially when you have to beg for help and now it's affecting my baby. I've spoke to my gp explaining the situation and they said nothing they can do when I'm in hospital care. Spoke to PALS at hospital still no advice really. Thankyou xx

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