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IVF clinic in London specialising in endometriosis?

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I’ve just had my follow up consultation at my IVF clinic after my failed first cycle. The doctor is lovely but her answer for everything was “it’s your endometriosis”. Egg quality, difficult transfer, future chances etc. She suggested we switch from a long protocol to an antagonist one but also said if the embryo quality is still poor, this is likely to do with my endometriosis, and is indicative of future cycle results. She said there’s nothing I can do to improve the quality. I guess I’d like to speak to a fertility doctor who has an interest/expertise in endometriosis. Is there anyone that could be recommended? Please PM me. Thanks!

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Hi, have you tried maca to improve egg quality? I take it and it does something because it has made my periods regular. Its proven to improve egg quality and a lot of women entering menopause who want to get pregnant take it for that. I take the tablets. Have a look yourself online but id say its definately worth a try.

Hey. There are lots of experts out there that could help you. I wish i'd sought there help prior to having my three rounds of icsi. Can I recommend Dr. Marc Sklar (the Fertility Expert). He has a free Facebook group and usually does a live weekly chat. There is also a 14 day challenge which starts tomorrow on Facebook with Gabriela Rosa. This will help you detox and balance your hormones which can only be a good thing. She also accepts private consults, but is quite pricey. Hope that helps x

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