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Endo on bowel & bladder


Hi All

Pretty sure I have Endo on both of these as I have all of the symptoms.

Getting my lap next week, told if there is Endo found on the bowel that will be a second operation :( surgeon is going to look at my bladder also and treat it if required.

Can you give me an info about the above, what happens when you need operation on the bowel, recovery etc .....?


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Hi it depends what the surgeon finds, I had endometriosis removed from my bladder and bowel when I had my hysterectomy. Good luck xxx

There’s some info and downloadable information packs (fact sheets) on endometriosis on the bladder and endometriosis on the bowel on the Endometriosis UK web site that I found very helpful and would recommend as a starting point:



Also this one:


It depends on what they find whether they need a bowel surgeon but you may need to consent in advance for different eventualities.

In my case the endo surgeon was able to excise it in most places and shave it successfully fairly close to the bowel without a bowel surgeon present, but had it been more risky or complicated they would have left it. I was already on the second op that time anyway.

Best wishes xx

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