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Asthma and Endo

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Happy New Year!

Just wondering if anyone else also has asthma on top of endo and do you find any relief from the steroids (prednisone)?

I’ve recently had a flare up of my asthma due to getting a winter cold so doctor has put me on 40mg x 5 days. I have noticed my endo symptoms have been very calm the last few days and wondering if there is a connection between the two?

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Prednisolone is an anti inflammatory drug and is not used in endo treatment whereas heavily used in asthma within your inhalers. Endo causes inflammation and so it would of helped a little. Sadly endo will not be eased long term by the drug while your asthma inhalers will continue the action of it in your lungs.

Thanks ccsmith ! It has been very settled now for a few days. I don’t like taking the steroids at all but it’s a tiny bonus when I get some relief from the endo pains!

I found steriods made my pain better because the steriods gave me a false high/very happy feeling if that makes sense.

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