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Tens machine?

Hey everyone,

I have severe endometriosis in my Pouch of Douglas and some on my urethra. I'm waiting for my MRI, colposcopy and then bowel prep and excision (hopefully they can finally get it out, this will be laparoscopy no3 to try to).

So I've bought a Tense machine in the sales, no idea where to start or if they're any good? Does anyone have any tips especially for the lower back/coccyx pain?

Thank you 💛

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Hi BlueTit98

I have one of these which helped a little while traveling to work and sitting at my desk. I get terrible back pain due to similar issues and found my POD was obliterated (surgeons words) with endo. I also have two other massage devices - a chair back massager with heat (used at home) and the Breuer M70. Out of all of the I prefer the M70 which I stumbled upon at the hospital. After a quick demo I found my muscle eased out a lot quicker than the tense machine especially in my legs which also get continued pain from my lower back. I’ve just had my second op this year and I’m unable to use the tense machine at the moment but I definitely wouldn’t rule them out especially as they are discreet and easy to carry.

Let me know how you get on and all the best with your laparoscopy.

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Sorry for the late reply! Thank you 😊 I will definitely be looking into the back massager, I hadn't even thought of those.

I hope you have a safe and swift recovery from your op and that it helps.


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