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Spotting in pregnancy- is my endometriosis affecting my pregnancy?

Hi ladies.

Brief history- TTC for 7 years.

3 laps within 13 months.

First lap June 2017- in POD but left 2 spots on rectum.

Chemical pregnancy July 2017.

Endo symptoms returned.

2nd lap March 2018- removed from uteroscaral ligaments but unable to remove endo from rectum.

Referred to endo surgeon by fertility doctor.

July 2018 3rd laparoscopy but with endo surgeon & all endo removed from uteroscaral ligaments & rectum.

September- conceived naturally.

But I’ve had spotting throughout this pregnancy ;

6.5 weeks brown & pink spotting.

8 weeks brown spotting.

10 weeks 1 day fresh blood when I wiped with clots - I had a scan the next day & baby was completely fine- measuring well & no obvious cause for bleeding.

Friday & this morning had small amount of brown spotting.

The GP has put me on bed rest until my scan which is Wednesday. The midwife says without pain or heavy bleeding I shouldn’t worry. My bowels have been difficult since the pregnancy- go from from constipation to diarrhoea.

Could my endo be causing the spotting? Has anyone else had complications in pregnancy due to endo?

My fertility doctor specified consultant led care , but my midwife says my pregnancy is low risk. Should I try to get consultant care?

Any advice appreciated xoxo

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Unfortunately I can’t answer your question as I’ve not got that far.

When you had all three laps did they do a hsg each time?

I had my son 6 years ago and can’t conceive and I’ve got endo too. I’m sure if they treat the endo properly I could conceive again but it’s getting someone to take me seriously. I’ve got an appointment in December, really hoping I can’t get a break.

Tried IVM and ended up in mc.



Thank you for replying.

I’m really sorry to hear of your MC. 😢

In answer to your question the first lap I had my tubes looked at ( and they were fine) the other laps were just to treat endo.

For us it was literally the endo tgat was the issue, everything else was okay.

I would push for a laparoscopy with preferably an endo specialist as they recognise all forms that are endo. You might have to emphasise on symptoms to get them to comply 😏

I’m sure having all the endo cleared helped us conceive.

Good luck with your appointment hope it goes well xoxo

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Thank you xx


Hi Jess 1981,

Every pregnancy is different so best thing to do is to play things as safe as you can, follow your doctors’ advice to the letter, and just keep your fingers and toes crossed.

But, I’m almost 33 weeks now and I had spotting during early pregnancy, which escalated to very heavy bleeding with clots at 12 weeks. It was so heavy A&E thought there no chance that I hadn’t lost the baby, but here we are still hanging on in there. It turned out that I had placental haematomas (sort of placental bruises that form between the uterine lining and the membrane surrounding the embryo. The first two scans we had didn’t pick up the source of the bleeding because unfortunately the scanner didn’t scan low enough down to pick up the biggest one over my cervix, and the resolution was a bit too graining to see the other smaller ones at that time. But when they scanned with one of the newer high resolution ultrasounds they worked out what was going on.

I have had quite a bit of pain (probably old Endo adhesions stretching and pulling) and a few other complications (like raised inflammation levels) - all of which are ongoing - and have had to take things very easy for months - but we never thought we’d get this far so I can live with all of that.

My aunt has endometriosis and has been quite a comfort - she bleed heavily throughout her pregnancy but my cousin was born fit and healthy at full term.

I hope they manage to work out what’s going on and that things all work out, x X x

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Does this pregnancy happen naturally?

How severe your endometriosis?

Did you have it in ovaries?


I started puberty young and I’ve now suffered from endometriosis for 28 years. Over those years I’ve had/ endometriomas/haemorrhagic cysts in both ovaries; for years my right ovary was stuck to my pelvic wall; adhesions endometriosis between my uterus and bladder, around uterosacral ligaments on both sides: in my Pouch of Douglas; and as well as the “classic” long, heavy, painful periods with clots, I also suffer severe bowel and bladder dysfunction / pain inc. cyclic rectal bleeding. I’ve had several laparoscopies and trialled various hormone treatments.

Although we had started consulting a fertility specialist, this was actually a natural pregnancy.


Thank you. It’s reassuring to hear of others having spotting & being okay. Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well & wish you the best with the rest of your pregnancy xoxo

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You too, just keep taking it easy. x X x

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If your fertility specialist said you need consultant led care then you should go for that. Talk to your GP as they should have referred you.

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