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Feeling so let down!


So I had my pre op few weeks back and was told I would have my laparocopy at some point in Dec... had a call from the hospital 2 say will now be end of Jan! So gutted, now just have 2 sit and suffer as nothing I can do! My referral was sent Sep so as the lady kindly stated they technically have 18weeks from referral which take it up to 28th Jan! Can't explain how much this has hit me, with 2 young children and not much family help/support it's making life so difficult! I either get by n attempt 2 leave the house taking the weaker pain relief or be totally house bound n stuggle with my kids on the strong tablets 😢 in a lose lose situation and it's so hard 2 cope on a day 2 day basis... Wish the lady on the phone could see me then she might of been a little nicer giving me the news instead of just stating the fact n telling me that's the way it is!

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I'm so sorry you are facing such a long struggle ahead of you. Could you go back to your consultant and discuss pain medication in the meantime? They could balance pain medication so you're not left feeling so groggy you can't go out. I know you have said there isn't much support but if you do have people, friends for example, now is the time to be honest and turn to them when you need them. Don't feel guilty or be afraid to show you need help, ultimately it will help both you and your children. xx

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