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Is anyone here from Mid Wales/Shropshire?


Hi, I have recently moved to Wales from Australia. I am interested in people's experiences with the local hospitals/Gynaes in Mid Wales/Shropshire or even Birmingham/Chester area. I know we can't post on here about specific Dr's etc but really just want an idea of wait times and experiences, people who have decided to travel to a BSGE centre etc.

Thanks :)

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Hi rh1984 welcome to the UK!

I’m based in Birmingham (family from Shropshire) and am currently going through the referral process for a BSGE centre in the city following a laparoscopy at The Spire Hospital in Solihull. I can keep you posted on how it goes but I’m expecting a 2-3 month wait for the BSGE.



rh1984 in reply to HikerGirl

Hi Molly,

Thanks for responding. So your lap was done by just a general gynae, and the BSGE centre referral is for further surgery?

Yes, please keep me posted. Birmingham is 2 hours from where I live but has the closest BSGE so it would be good to hear how you get on. Hopefully your appointment comes quickly.


HikerGirl in reply to rh1984

Hi Rachel, so my lap was done privately (though paid by the NHS) as that’s just where my GP referred me. The consultant gynaecologist turned out to be a lap specialist so I really landed on my feet with that referral!

That’s correct, this is a referral for further surgery, I believe the NICE guidelines specify the patient has to have a certain severity to be applicable to see the specialist centre so the lap confirmed that.

Will keep you posted how it goes :)

rh1984 in reply to HikerGirl

Wow that's great about the lap specialist! Unfortunate that you need further surgery, but sounds like you've been in good hands. Good luck and looking forward to checking in with you :)

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