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PMS - anyone got any advice ?



I had my endo lap in June this month is my 5th period since the op.

My hormones have been mental this week and I’m due on 2 days early.

Does anyone have aby good advice to help I take b complex but the hormones have been intense felt very depressed and emotional. Diet is no dairy or red meat.

Please any advice I don’t want this next month 🙏😢🤞🏻

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Something that helps me a little is recognising the symptoms for what they are. Saying, this is not how I really feel, everything isn't overwhelming and terrible, this is the PMS talking.

The contraceptive pill might help if that's an option? xx

I’m trying combined birth control for the pain as well as helping with my mood. I think it will take away those crazy ups and downs we feel during the month as I’m the same and get terrible mood swings usually.

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