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I got a diagnosis in the summer after getting increased pain since the birth of my little boy. I find it very difficult to be intimate with my partner due to the pain, fatigue and low mood. I’ve started on the zolodex injections but that also states that one of the side effects is poor libido. It’s already taking a huge toll on my marriage and my worry is that a) the injections won’t work and I’ll still be in pain, and b) the injections won’t do anything to improve my libido which will ultimately result in the breakdown of my marriage. How do you maintain your relationships? Any advice or experiences of the zolodex injections would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, it’s really difficult with the physical pain and the fact that endo impacts massively on your mood and energy levels. I generally am ok about 2 and half weeks into my cycle when I can manage and try different things to get in the mood. Hopefully your husband will understand, it’s not easy to explain, maybe give him some information about endo so he can understand more about how it affects you x


I know that feeling...its frustrating for them too as they feel they miss the old times...i developed my endo after my 2nd child..what i do is that when i feel hes in the mood i satisfy him in other ways ...if you get me... i dont have to go through the pain of sex and hes happy... also what helps is being open and telling your husband exactly how u feel.. i know that battling it on our own and just trying to get through each day is what we do but i noticed that when he knew what i was going through he was mote understanding and felt he could be there...hope that helps...I've not tried the injections just yet but my moods with pills was bad enough... hope you feel better soon x


I’m on zoladex at the moment and found that the constant pain I had before impacted much more on my libido than the zoladex. I feel guilt for my husband as endo certainly impacts on our relationship but I’ve found if I’m honest with him it helps him be much more understanding; all he wants to do is help but he’s not a mind reader no matter how much I wish he was.

In terms of sex, if not pleasurable then change position or stop and find another way of being intimate. Your body learns that you are not enjoying it and will dread sex and make it hurt even more next time. This becomes a horrible cycle that can hard to get out of and your desire to have sex goes out the window. I’ve found having endo is all about adapting, and relationships and sex is a part of that. Sometimes it can be fun finding ways to adapt together!

Good luck with the zoladex, I was very nervous before I started but I have found it much better experience than expected.

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