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Are my symptoms endometriosis? Help please!


Hi, I’m 25 and have been having irregular periods for the past couple of years. Since April this year I’ve been experiencing a constant, dull ache in my pelvis, lower back and top of my legs along with fatigue, pain in my lower tummy when going to the toilet and continued irregular periods. Most recently, I’ve also been experiencing hair loss which is quite distressing. I have been back and forth to the doctors and have had a clear pelvic ultrasound, blood tests fine, stool tests clear and my doctor has come to the conclusion it’s IBS or PMS (lasting 8 months?!). I have often wondered over the years if I have endometriosis and my Mum had endo found when she had a hysterectomy for other reasons. However, the only thing making me confused is my symptoms seem to disappear when I have a period! Has anybody experienced a similar pattern and could this still be endo? Thank you x

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Hiya, I would say it’s a strong possibility that you have endometriosis. I’ve experienced and still do experience all the symptoms you are having. Up until the moments before my diagnostic surgery I was told it was a bowel issue only to find out after I had extensive endo. So it’s definitely a possibility. As for the hair loss, are you taking the pill? I’m currently on microgynon and find that I lose quite a lot of hair x

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Thank you for your reply ☺️ I have finally managed to get a referral to the endo clinic so I’m hoping that talking to a specialist rather than my GP might help. No, I haven’t been taking any contraception since June and my symptoms (especially hair loss and pain) seem to have worsened. Do your symptoms tend to ease or get worse with your period? X

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Yeah the referral to the specialist will definitely be more help and they will most likely do a laparoscopy to actually confirm if you do have endo. I would say since you have stopped taking a contraceptive and your pain is worse that you probs have endo too because the contraceptive can help control the endo.

For me I get my symptoms at any time, but do get them worse around my period so I currently take 3 sets of pills back to back to stop me getting a period monthly, but so I’ll still get at least 4 periods a year. My specialist advised me to do that because I don’t want surgery again until I really need it x

GPs will not diagnose endo. glad you will see a specialist. the only way to get a real diagnosis is a laparoscopy. have you had the CA125 blood test? that's usually higher in endo sufferers

my symptoms are at their worse about 2 weeks before my period and the first day

endo sufferers are often wrongly diagnosed with IBS when in fact they are having endo symptoms

I have terrible hair loss also but suffer from an under-active thyroid as well as endo and PCOS so could be any of those or the combination causing it

keep us updated on how your consultation goes and good luck

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