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Not sure what to do next?

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Hi all just looking for some advice if anyone’s been in a similar situation. After a long time of fighting to get surgery and 4 cancellations by the hospital I finally got to meet a great consultant who was going to take me under his wing and get me the correct surgery for my umbilical endometriosis and later assist with fertility as we’d struggled to conceive after a long time of trying. My surgery got booked for the end of September so I carried on about everything awaiting the date to arrive. Somewhere in the middle I miracously fell pregnant naturally so my surgery got put on hold. Unfortunately I lost the baby and a couple of weeks on my umbilical endometriosis flared up with vengeance. I contacted my consultant who saw me a couple of weeks ago and put me back on his surgery list, I was hoping to be given a date quote soon like before as I only had a five week wait, I’ve now discovered that I’ve got at least a 4 month wait which is so frustrating. My consultant has just left me with the comment that it’s alwayd better to get pregnant than have surgery so now I don’t know whether to wait for surgery or try and get pregnant again .. it took me almost 2 years to fall pregnant this time and unfortunately time isn’t on my side so really don’t know what to do, I have no idea if my endometriosis was the cause of the miscarriage, but because I fell pregnant it seems that my cáse is no longer being treated as urgent as it was before 😔 any advice would be great 🙏

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Hi there thanks for the reply. This wasn’t my first pregnancy no, I have a little boy already, fell pregnant straightaway and had no problems with the pregnancy at all I had been on the pill for many years and fell pregnant a couple of months after I stopped it. After having my son I went back on the pill but just couldn’t get on with it so stopped it, after about 6 months my endometriosis symptoms started and have got worse ever since. I am just concerned that due to where my endometriosis is, it will cause problems with a pregnancy later on, something didn’t feel right whilst I was pregnant this time around and am concerned that because nobody knows much about the endometriosis I have, it will cause problems with a pregnancy.. unfortunately the advice from the gp is just standard textbook relating to pregnancy and endometriosis.

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