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Leg pain


Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis last November. Due to other medical conditions I cannot take hormone therapies to help treat it. I am currently trying to put off having an ovary sparing hysterectomy, given the possible complications as I have severe adhesions between my uterus and my colon.

I have recently started experiencing severe leg pain during and just after my period. It is a shooting pain down the front of my legs and a dull ache in my right buttock and hip. I understand from Dr Google that you can get endometrial lesions on your sciatic nerve branches which cause this?

I’m currently using pain killers and heat pad to try and help.

I have read that an anti inflammatory diet helps - has anyone had any success with this?

Any advice gratefully received. 😊

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Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering. I get this sporadically and mainly in my left leg, in fact the shooting pains down the front of my left leg was one of my first symptoms outside of general period symptoms that made me question if something more than period pain was going on. During my period I can also kind of feel period pains in my left knee ( the strangest thing and I can’t even get my head around it) I find only my heat pad relieves it. I tried anti inflammatory diet and whilst it helped with bloating and some Bowel symptoms it didn’t help with any pain symptoms. My left leg also went numb for 6 months. Since my lap in May I have the feeling back in my left leg and have the shooting pains and hip and buttock pain less frequently but do still suffer with it on occasion.

Hope you find some relief and sorry I couldn’t be of more help xxx

Hello there. I get this too, it’s worse during and after period.

I’ve tried anti inflammatory diet and as the other poster it helped with other symptoms but not so much the leg pain. I think it’s endo effecting nerves or something. I tried acupuncture- this gave minor help for a short time but wasn’t a cure.

If you find anything that works to alleviate the pain let me know!!x

Hi, as you, I can't take hormonal treatment for endo, due to vascular problems and I also suffer from leg pain and sciatica. Sometimes it's been so severe that I had to go to the emergency room. I follow a low sugar, gluten, dairy free diet, it doesnt help much with the pain but it's recommended for endo. I'm currently taking 2 suplements of Omega 3 and Primrose oil which are both antiinflammatory. It's soon to tell but I think they might be helping a little bit..

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