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Confused after first lap 😕


Hi ladies!

I'm just wondering whether anyone has had a similar experience to me as am still a bit confused.

I had my first lap 3 days ago and was diagnosed with stage 2 (mild) endo on vaginal septum (which I didn't know I had) and a small hernia. I've tried to research in to this since and can't find anything that says it's even possible to have it there, and like I say, I wasn't even I aware I had this!

I also had a hysteroscopy at the same time which the surgeon said was all clear (I think, he came to see me while I was coming round from anaesthetic so it's all a bit foggy). But what i do remember is that he said they didn't remove the endo! I had the coil fitted at the same time and he said they are relying on this to clear it up, but i dont understand why they wouldnt remove it? I know mine is nowhere near as severe as what a lot of you have/are suffering with but I was hoping the pain would go away!

Has anyone else had this happen?

One last thing in relation to recovery (sorry). Post surgery pain got so much better on day two but now I'm in agony again and so swollen (even my back is swollen) is this normal for the coil?

Any similar experiences would be greatly appreciated :) xx

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