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Don’t know what’s going on?


Hi everyone so I had my lap on in tuesdsy and I’m abit confused whats going on, I have laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and the coil fitted but I was only under for 30/40 minuets is that normal they said they think everything looked okay but they left me with that I’m confused on what’s going on I’m happy if I haven’t go endometriosis but I want to know what is causing all these pains and I was only under for 40 mins when I got told it would take around 2 hours and I only have 1 cut in my belly putted and the over on my pubic line I just want to make sure this is all normal so I can investigate more in what’s going on x

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I totally understand your concern. In jan 2018 I had a lap for excision surgery it was removed from both sides of my uterosacral ligaments, a small patch from my left ovary and my left ovary was freed from where the endo had adhered it to my left pelvic side wall. This took my surgeon only 30-45mins.

I was really shocked when he told me this as before my op like you I had been told I would be down for hours. But he explained that he looked all around everything and excised in this time and I trust that is true.

So sometimes they can do it very quickly. I would think maybe yours may have been quicker if they didnt find any endo but thought they would. So before they thought it may take longer to remove it but they didnt find any.

I would definitely keep pursuing the cause if they have ruled out endo by lap. Xxz


That is normal diagnostic laparoscopy surgery time. Try not to worry. Hope you feel better soon.

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