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Bowel inflammation....endometriosis? Referred for colonoscopy ☹️


Hi all,

I had a stool test done a few weeks ago and was told it showed I had bowel inflammation. I was referred to gastroenterology and saw them today. They read my background of endometriosis and have said it’s likely the cause of the bowel inflammation?

I’m confused as I have been to see endometriosis consultant who has done MRI and said they don’t feel that Endo is back, my periods are short and irregular and they on a scale of 1-10 are about a 6 in terms of pain. I also don’t understand how endometriosis would cause inflammation inside my bowel.

Anyone have any experience of similar or can help me to understand, I just want some answers to what the hell is going on inside me ☹️

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I have bowel problems and Adenomyosis, did you MRI show anything else up?

Colonoscopy is nothing to worry about & I hope it gives you more answers x

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