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My way to surrogacy

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Hi there! Can't stop thinking and talking about that approximately for last two years. Even in school I’ve already had complications concerning women's health, but thereat I didn't suppose it can entail such unwanted consequences, so I didn't pay due attention to those complications and didn't make attempts to resolve them. Hormonal imbalance, whatever. Such a fool, yeap. Now I’m married almost 5 years and recently we wanted to make our own baby. We tried to do this for 3 years but something went wrong. Then we decided we have a need to visit a doctor to make a research. As you understand now it's impossible for me to conceive. I visited gynecologist-endocrinologist and reproductologist. Both of them asked me to make a blood test to find out what is the problem. After that I’ve made ultrasound diagnostics and the result didn’t cheer me up too. They said I have endometriosis in a neglected form, and my hormonal balance is not much better. Doctors just dissolved their hands saying “sorry, we can’t affect it; we can prescribe you treatment but it will have no impact in your case ‘cause you will not bear a child”.

My husband and I were looking for decision for several years and then saw a broadcast on this disturbing issue. After that I found out there is a procedure called surrogacy. I’m from Switzerland and surrogacy motherhood is prohibited in our country, but if you will be ready to go this way I can tell you how and where you can achieve it. After long way of doubts we moved to Ukraine and started our own research. We visited seven clinics there to make a right choice and to be able to know their advantages and shortcomings. I’ll be ready to share you with my observation if you’re still stumble at the condicions provided by each of them and quality of their services. If you’re interested in this topic or have questions you can text me on this email:

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The inability to conceive a child in a natural way is definitely a huge tragedy for thousands of couples all over the world. Families facing infertility spend a lot of money and years of tcc in order to achieve a long-awaited pregnancy. Fortunately nowadays we've got lots of options to beat infertility. Mitochondrial donation is one of unique methods. I usually write about it because the method is really amazing. It helps to keep the genetic link to the baby if a woman's amh is low or she's already had multiple oe ivf bfns. Surrogacy is a blessing, no doubt. If no such an option, I'd never experience parenthood myslef.

Just adding. It's obvious that IP from nearby west European countries (Also as far as Australia and the USA!!) are seeking surrogacy in Eastern Europe more and more. And this is not surprising. Other European countries either prohibit surrogacy or allow surrogacy agreements only the surrogate is unpaid. For those countries that allow surrogacy the laws typically give all parental rights to the surrogate!! This is so until a court process can transfer the rights from her to the IP. In these countries the surrogate has the right to keep the baby if she chooses. But this will never happen in Ukraine. The process is well regulated there. Surrogates undergo serious testing both physically and psychologically to make sure they are fit. Only women who have given birth before are qualified to become surrogate mothers. Agencies/clinics usually do not accept surrogates who drink, smoke, or take drugs. Typical surrogate moms are between 20 and 40 yrs. Prospective parents are given several profiles they can choose from before agreeing to a surrogate mom. As I’ve mentioned above, before going straight for pregnancy, a surrogate would have to undergo extensive medical testing. What tests a woman has to go through depends on the country’s law though. Usually these involve gynecological examinations, blood tests, and screening for various sexually-transmitted diseases among many others. She also has to go through psychological screening. She would usually be given continual counseling by the agency along with the parents. In Ukraine where commercial surrogacy is legal, the surrogate will have zero parental rights over the child!!! Gestational surrogacy cases may require some paperwork so that you can be legally named parents of the child. BTC guides through this as well. I was amazed on hips of papers guys prepare for the exit process! Piles of them!! This treatment plan is worth considering surely.

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