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Hi all,

I am now 2 weeks and 3 days post diagnostic lap with removal of stage 2 endo.

Still feeling pretty crappy so returning to my GP tomorrow for a further sick note as I feel physically drained. None of my stitches have dissolved yet, with those in my belly button remaining pretty sore and intact. I visited the nurse last week and she says all my stitches will need removing this week to prevent infection - which Im not looking forward to at all as when she tugged at the stitch in my belly button it was nowhere near ready to come out and made the incison site sore. I also noticed I have two stitches on either side of the belly button itself? Can anyone shed any light regarding their stitches experience?

This morning I woke up to severe endo pain at 5am (the labour like pains which triggered my initial appointment to the doctors 4 years ago). Im at a bit of a loss as was told all of the endo was removed and I thought my pains like this would have eased after the OP :(

Sorry all for my mini rant xx

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I had my excision surgery 2 weeks ago and I have 4 incisions which are still sore and bruised and all my stitches are still there, it takes time for your body to heal I was told it would take 4 weeks x

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