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Personal question


Hi all,

Can I ask a personal question? I don’t suffer with pain during sex however after a few hours or next day I have awful back pain in the lower back. It’s been happening quite regularly now and I’m wondering if I have Endo in the pelvic region? . I had a lap about 6 years ago and they found a small amount of Endo around my right ovary which was taken away and that sorted out my pain up until last year but I seem to be in a lot more pain over the last 4 months.

I’ve been to see a consultant who is reluctant to do another lap because of my age, the fact I’ve had children and he said it will grow back anyway. He gave me 3 options, get pregnant, put up with the pain or have an injection to switch off my system. The last option is probably my only option however I’m not prepared to go through all that without knowing for definite that it is a actually Endo doing this. Thankfully I have just moved doctors and have a very understanding doctor who I think will fight my corner to have another lap done..

Does anyone else suffer with back pain after sex?

Sorry quite a long winded post!!

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Hi Louboo78,

I thought I'd answer you as I had some similar experiences.

My last operation was 5 years ago and they mostly operated on me due to infertility and a lot of pain 3 weeks out of a month.

They found Endometriosis on both ovaries, fallopian tubes and a lot on the bladder plus adhesions everywhere.

By that point the pain was unbearable.

After 2 years and 2 rounds of IVF the pain increased again and by now I also had pain after sex - the same as you.

The pain after sex is unbearable lower back pain and nausea to the point of sickness and diarrhoea if it's really bad. (Sorry if that's too much info).

I had moved out of the city by now and the new Gynecologists weren't happy to operate on me.

I moved twice again due to work and again no one was willing to operate.

I now live in Germany and finally have fantastic doctors that got me an appointment within 4 weeks for my second laparoscopic surgery!

They will look into my bladder with a camera as well and at my bowels too as I have problems there too.

Pain after sex is not normal so it could be that you have Endo in the pelvic region. I was also told that it could be muscle issues in the pelvic floor and that an osteopath could be helpful.

My Gynecologist that is doing my surgery will also prescribe me 6 sessions with an osteopath to see if that will help.

I hope you'll get some help soon.

I get really mad when doctors tell you to get pregnant or switch off the system! Both options are not a long term option. And both options are not a cure for Endo!!

Hope you will get help soon 😊 x


Hiya, I suffer from dyspareunia during and after intercourse (this can last up to two/three days), this can also affect me going to the toilet (too frequently or not enough!) but this subsides along with the pain. I get the pain in my back and abdomen. I had a lap seven months ago & was diagnosed with stage four endo - situated in my pelvic lining, bowel and pouch of Douglas. As far as I know this is often a common symptom associated with Endo - I don't find pain killers help rid the pain but warm baths / hot water bottles usually ease the hurting. I hope this helps x

Louboo78 in reply to Hidden

Painkillers don’t touch the pain at all with me either. And now I’m due on this week and the pain in my back is unbearable tonight. Sciatic pain all the way down my right leg. I can’t get comfortable at all. Really fed up with this😢xxx

Hidden in reply to Louboo78

I sympathise - I suffer with lots of pain in the run up. Everywhere almost feels bruised, tired and aching! I take a lot of extra vitamins and yoga stretches to relax muscles & ease tension, perhaps these could be worth looking into to ease your pain. If the pain is unbearable & making you miserable, I would 100% recommend demanding help from your GP. Hope you feel better soon xxx

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