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Off work


So today I have admitted defeat and called in sick, the pain, the flooding and the fatigue has beaten me. I work for a charity so feel incredibly guilty but have struggled for so long I’m totally worn out. I’m at the start of investigations and bloods have recently shown my kidney function is borderline which doctor thinks may indicate endometriosis on my bladder and part of the reason why I’m so exhausted all the time. It’s such a relief after 3 years to have a doctor who doesn’t say all my symptoms are peri menopause (I’m 44). On that note I urge you all to get a second opinion if your gp doesn’t listen. I resorted to changing doctors as I was embarrassed to make a fuss and ask for a second opinion, make that fuss ladies!! Xx

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Glad you got a second opinion!!!! Hope your investigations go well & you get all the answers you are looking for x

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