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Advise pls 🙏🏻 bowel endometriosis


Evening everyone!!!! I have endo in my bladder which has started to spread to my womb. Had my lap which removed it but I still feel like I have to really force out a wee. I have now started experiencing pain & pressure in my bowel. I’m not constipated as I am open my bowel but have constant pressure feeling like I need to go plus back & leg pain. I also have a lot of mucus when wiping.

Sorry about all the details but was wondering if anyone else has suffered with this? I’m worrying this is spreading to my bowel xx

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Hi, I have the same thing! It hurts jist after going - like a screwdriver got jammed in there and I pee every hour on the hour at least 3 weeks a month. I have discussed it with my gynea, but she seems to like the IBS theory and will not look any further into my endometriosis spreading until I've exhausted all hormone treatments. Having a friend undergoing bowel resection with the same symptoms, I'm convinced it grew around there. Your gynea might be more forthcoming with theories. The Peppermint Tablets gynea prescribed do help the consistency of the icky stuff and the need to go, plus some of the cramps, but not the after-pain. They might help you. Laying off alocohol and coffee helped too 😫, as did pelvic floor excecises (every morning for about ten mins). There is also a protein powder I take called Bulk Powders as well, which my friend said might reduce some of the lesions (don't know how, but I'd try anything) Hope this helped. I'm a bit lost myself.

All the best to you.

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