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A little update. I ended up being off sick from the 9-20 and I was the longest 11 days off my life. I felt like I was going mad.

On the Monday I went to the hospital because the pain were unbearable and after TWO people (nurse and doctor) didn’t take me seriously I finally got someone who actually listened and asked me all the right questions. She ended up prescribing me codeine.

On the Wednesday I made an emergency appointment with my GP and I am SO happy I did!!! I ended up with the BEST doctor! He really listened and took his time to go over things with me and you could tell that he really cared! Anyways he didn’t wanna do to many things since I had an appointment with Women’s Health (gynaecologist) later that day.

So after that I went to women’s health and my luck continued... I had such an amazing gynae that just broke everything down from the beginning. She asked me about my symptoms, how I was feeling, what I thought it could be and then she talked about it from a medical standpoint and said that she thinks it’s endo as well!! Then she asked me what I wanted to do next and I said that I wanted laparoscopy and she agreed !!! SO LADIES I AM FINALLY GETTING LAPAROSCOPY !!!!!

I honestly, those days I was off were horrible and I could only just manage to leave the house if it was for the hospital/GP/gynae ,it really messed with me and I’m still trying to bounce back from it. However, I am so happy I sought all the help while being off, I ended up being so lucky and being listened to and I am finally getting surgery, and... I think you can all imagine the joy of finally being listened to. Anyways, I’m still waiting for my appointment letter but the wait should be around 4-6 weeks so it’ll hopefully happen within the next few months!

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