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First lap done



I had my first lap yesterday and they have found no endometriosis and everything seems healthy which I’m glad about. They did say bowel seemed slightly swollen.

I have read the letter gynae are sending my GP and they have put the cause of pelvic pain is constipation. I’ve been struggling with pain, irregular bleeding, pain during sex and sometimes passing out for three years. I have regular bowel movements and I never struggle with constipation so I don’t understand how this can be the cause.

I cried when he said there was nothing because I pushed so hard for a lap and I feel like doctors just think I’ve been whiney.

I’m in pain from yesterday and I’m a little frustrated as I seem to have got no nearer to an explanation :( . Gynae will not be doing anything going forward so I’m pretty lost as to what to do next, had anyone had anything similar?

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Hey, I was in exactly your shoes. I've suffered for so long and to be told there was nothing wrong was overwhelming! I was diagnosed with IBS and accepted this, and started taking buscopan which seemed to help (as bowel pain can affect more than just your butt and can hurt even if you don't need the toilet) so I think a good first step would be getting something like that ruled out via blood/stool samples.

I knew after this that something still isn't right, so I decided to come off the pill as I'd heard that could make it worse, but in my case the pill was horrific and I hated every second of the 4 years I was on it. I've just been put on tablets for heavy periods and told they're 'normal' and have been referred to another ultrasound (after LOTS of pushing with the GP)

I know everyone says 'go back to your GP and ask for something else' but it's super difficult, especially after a huge 'let down' like a negative lap, but honestly, take your time, go back when you feel ready and armed with a list of things you want done and the reasons why, and keep going back reminding them of the issues til someone listens to you! x

Chloes123 in reply to kate24601

Thank you it makes me feel so much better that it’s not just me! I felt like a bit of a fraud to find nothing. I’ll see my GP when I’m better and take it from there x

I could have written this post! That was my exact position after my first lap last year, my diagnosis was constipation too with a swollen bowel apparently!

Anyway, I never got better so I sought a second opinion and I'm now 2 weeks away from another lap with an endo specialist as it turned out my first lap (done under general gynae) was not thorough enough to diagnose endo in the first place (they only checked my tubes, ovaries and uterus and didn't take any bipsies and now after some research I figured out they should have done much more).

I was told after my first lap than I didn't have anything wrong gynea wise, however my period pain just kept getting worse but because my GP thought it wasn't gynae related following this lap, one day my pain was so bad that she sent me to A&E thinking it was acute appendicitis. It was in the middle of the winter crisis and the doctor in charge at the hospital told me off saying my problems were clearly gynecologic and that I shouldn't be there! This is when I decided enough is enough and booked private consultation with an endo specialist, he agreed I needed another, much more thorough lap to rule out endo completely and he referred me back to his NHS clinic as I was self funded patient.

If you feel something is wrong don't give up and maybe try to get a second opinion!

Good luck! Xx

Thank you! The surgeon said it could be a dietary intolerance as I do think when I eat gluten I bloat quite a bit. I’m glad there’s still options it’s hard when you’ve been telling people for years and never seem to get anywhere! It doesn’t help when they speak to you not long after waking up, I don’t remember half of it it’s lucky my boyfriend was there to actually listen! Xx

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