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Right pain on ovulation


Hi everyone so today is the first day of ovulation for me, I always suffer with pain at this time but my god I have the worst pain like a twinge like feeling on my lower right side not far from my hip and the worst pressure in my lower stomach, anyone else ever had this ? Thankyou in advance xxx

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Yeah I get this every month too. Sometimes it can really take my breath away. It passes after a day or two so doesn't rank that high in my endo problems but it's not pleasant. I try just distracting myself and give the area a little massage.

I don't really know much about the nature of my endo (I think I'll find out tomorrow 🤞🏻) so I don't know much about what causes it.

I get a lot of very bad back pain and abdominal pain with my endo and severe chronic fatigue. It's just a joy! 😂


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Thanks for replying! It’s so strange I normally just get period like pain even when I’m ovulating but this is something else 😂😂 oh I get all that and numbness in my legs it’s just lovely isn’t it 😂😂 xx

I’m up awake with ovulation pain right now. For me it feels the same as endo pain. I’ve got a dull ache on the right and side of my back, abdominal pain and tingling legs. My last endo before my lap was on my pelvic wall and I didn’t get ovulation pain. This time I’ve got ovulation pain so bad. My second lap is in November and I’m worried this time it will cause fertility issues 😞TTC. Hope your pain is easier now xXx

It’s horrible isn’t it an im not due on for another 8 days but symptoms already I always suffer bad 2 weeks out the month with period symptoms and then a week with ovulation aswell it’s never ending. Am waiting for 2nd lap but diabetic so going to be waiting for a while till that’s better xx hope u manage to get sorted soon xxx

Oh honey I didn’t know you have to wait if you are diabetic. That’s so rubbish. Thankfully my pain is easier now for another few days. Hopefully I’ll have my 2nd lap in November xXx

Yeah because I have bad control at the min so too dangerous my Hba1c blood test has to be 70 or below an I’m currently 92 😩 good luck for ur lap in November hope it goes well xxx

Before my lap I had horrendous pain during ovulation, the surgery revealed small cysts and a pretty big one. Which was the cause of sharp twinges and the feeling of an elephant sat on me (only way to describe the pressure feeling haha)

It’s pretty much gone now but I still get pains during ovulation but it’s just a tiny amount which I can now deal with xx

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