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Results from laparoscopy

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Hello again! So im two days post surgery now. I had a call from my favourite doctor to up my meds as im really struggling with the pain. I was in surgery for 4 hrs but didnt have a great explanation why as i think i took up a lot of the surgeons time(i was first on the list of four operations and my op was only meant to last 30 mins😬 woops!)

My doc gave me my initial results too. So they advised I had endometriosis on my POD, Bowel, Bladder, Kidney, Lining of my kidney to bladder, my pelvis, womb, fallopian tubes and inner lining. I didnt even know half of it was possible, especially on my kindeys, but i guess they know best.

I am struggling so much with recovery and feel its gonna take me a good few weeks. Has anyone else had it this bad who could shed light on how quickly they recovered? I am needing help getting up and down and i feel so guilty as my mum and boyfriend are having to help me so much. TMI but i finally had bowel movements today which were so painful, and i didnt feel helped the trapped wind. Hopefully that will resolve itself but by far the worst pain is in my stomach. Just feels like every single thing between my hips, stomach and back is banging into each other and painful. Lets hope this starts to pass soon!

At least they found the reason for me being a big moaning wuss these last few years! Im sort of glad that im one of the worst cases theyve had because i get to throw it back in the faces of people/doctors who thought it was either not as bad as it sounds or thought it was all in my head! Yeeha. X

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Gosh I didn’t know you could have it on all of those parts of the body, how scary. Hope you start to feel better soon & it’s great you have people helping you. Take it easy x

I didnt either. My mum had it and i guess it was just genetics. Ive always had problems so and it was played down by doctors- so it basically just grew until i couldnt take it anymore. At least its hopefully gone now X

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