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Judgy and unsupportive GP - how to deal with not being taken seriously


I just went to my GP for an extension on my medical certificate deeming me not fit for work as I'm currently in so much pain due to suspected endo... I'm at the very start of the process to getting a diagnosis. I don't normally see her but did today as my usual GP is on holiday.

She was quite reluctant to sign me off for longer despite my managers & Occupational Health dept suggesting I come back when I'm feeling better. She sounded surprised I was off work with the pain & stated I must be bed ridden each day to be off work.

I just wondered those that have had quite judgemental and unsupportive medical professionals involved in their care, how you have managed this situations or feelings afterwards?

Luckily I'm having a better day today & I feel emotionally ok, but it's worrying to think of those having a bad day & not feeling that strong emotionally.

I know unfortunately we can come across these people but I guess I'm looking for advice for when I'm not feeling as emotionally strong.

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Is changing gp an option? Best thing I ever did

nic0889 in reply to Ash24601

Hopefully I won't see her again (my GP is on holiday) but I'm just wondering more how people deal with this type of behaviour and response from medical professionals... I'm sure she won't be my last unhelpful and judgemental encounter

Hi, GP are meant to support you, not make you feel awful once you leave the surgery. Never go back to her and see you own GP when she is back, Dr lines can be backdated so you will be alright. I know what you mean when you are having a bad day, it takes one thing to tip you over the edge and I still don’t know how you can handle that, as I don’t handle it very well. A good cry? Then move on as you know what pain you are in and it doesn’t really matter what anyone else’s opinion is 💕x

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