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Induced menopause for endo - should I try it?

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What are your experiences, is it worth a go?

I'm currently on the pill for three cycles then off for a week, and have been for nearly a year - my lap was a year last July and confirmed endo. But the pill hasn't seemingly made any difference to my pain - I think I've actually got worse, and showing signs that its deeper on my bowel etc.

So this was the next option laid out to me by my gynaecologist.

Anyone who is going through it/has been through it?

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I have been in induced menopause for over a year now and I feel amazing I would recommend giving it a shot if it’s not for you then go to docs and tell them it’s not working hope it helps

I’ve been given decapeptyl injection that lasts three months. For the first month apart from the sweats hot flushes and bone pain I was a new woman , I honestly hadn’t felt that good in years. I was out playing football with my kids and I never do that.

The pain was gone, fast forward this morning th and it’s creeping back in. I’m still getting hot flushes, feeling super dizzy as well and generally awfull. However don’t let that put you off, my body doesn’t react like others. Certain medicines just don’t work on me or they wear off quicker. I’m thinking this is why I’m here right now. If I could get that month back there I would do it again in a heart beat. I’m taking adbacs too and these have helped with the hormonal imbalance. I do have a rubbish memory too, but I would recommend it.

I’m now awaiting a hysterectomy . I’m 42 nearly and have kids so see no other solutions right now.

Hope this helped, sorry it was long :) xx

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