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Fatigue/Loss of appetite/constant feeling of being full or having to go to the toilet


Hey! Ive posted a few times on here but theres always something new haha. So i get my laporoscopy tomorrow.. im so nervous!! Its my first surgery, but to be honest im more nervous that they arent going to find anything and ill need to start all over again.

Aswell as usual symptons of endo, recently ive noticed that i just cannot eat carbs. I feel phsyically sick when trying to eat, and so so tired all the time. I have this intense pressure too that makes me feel like i need to go to the toilet, but i never actually need to. Is anyone also experiencing these symptons and can shed some light?

Im going to make sure to pester my surgeon tomorrow to check EVERYWHERE as ive seen waaay too many posts on here saying they never checked everywhere first op and had to get another one and then they eventually found it. So nervous!


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Hey, starting to think you're my endo twin since we get the same symptoms (I replied on your last message). I have not been able to eat a full meal for a good few years now. I feel full after a few bites and cannot bring myself to eat more. I also get very nauseous and I am constantly tired. Ive been falling asleep at random times which is not like me at all. My stomach is constantly bloated like a 6 month pregnant belly. For the toilet part I always feel like I need to move my bowels but it doesnt always happen. I get up around 5 times a night for a pee too which never happened to me before the surgery.

I was diagnosed with endo but I really dont think they properly checked everywhere. If I was you I would ask them to take pictures for you to see. My surgeon said they would but I never saw any and doubt they even took any. Best of luck tomorrow! X

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Haha before i read your comment i literally just said about you being my endo twin! It makes me feel better that you have extremely similar symptoms and got the diagnosis. I'm worried they are going to try fob it off as IBS like they did when i was younger. Hopefully not! Thanks for your reply again X

Hey ladies, it's reassuring to hear about people with the same symptoms. I've had terrible bowel and digestive issues for years, which have got worse. I also have some bladder problems too, though there not as bad as my bowel issues. I too have been suffering mire and more with the fatigue, and not being able to do as much in my life. I've had quite a lot of thorough investigations in my bowel area over the course of three years, and nothing has ever been found. The only cause for my pain and other symptoms was a small amount of Endometriosis in 2015. I'm not sure if there was more Endometriosis, but it was just not seen, though my symptoms weren't half as bad as they are now. I had a colonoscopy last year, so I think the next step will be another laparoscopy this year. I don't know about you ladies, but I have a lot of pain around my bottom area and sometimes inside, I've had some pain near my tailbone too. I'm not sure if you are aware, but pouch of douglas is a really common area for Endo to grow. On the rectum and sigmoid area are also really common (sometimes inside too, though not as common). Wishing you lots of luck with your laparoscopy. Perhaps let us know your outcome and how you get on X

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